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Friday October 31, 2008 6:31 pm

Video: I’m Confused: A double-standard?

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Elections, Humor, Videos,

Sure, isn’t running against , but that hasn’t stopped those two from being the primary focus in the minds of many. Here’s a YouTube video that someone linked us to, looking at the claims the McCain campaign has made against Obama, and in favor of Palin. Good for a laugh, if nothing else.



Find me a source where the McCain campaign called Obama “exotic” or “Muslim.” I think this video is stating McCain supporters, not his campaign made these claims. McCain has stood up for Barack because of ridiculous claims like them. When people on Obama’s side made false statements, the Dems. campaign refused to denounce anyone. I know there’s such a thing as free speech, and people can make up all the crazy stuff they want, at least McCain is honorable enough to denounce the lies being said about Obama.

Speaking of lies, the Obama campaign has misrepresented statements by a Heritage Foundation member, and lied about McCain’s tax plan. Heritage Foundation asked Obama’s campaign to stop the ad because it’s filled with false information. The ad has run another 1200 times since.

Obama’s organizing was for the South Side Chicago public schools, and for lowering crime, and for voter registration w/ ACORN. ACORN is being investigated in almost 20 states, more people were killed in Chicago this year, than US Soldiers in the war in Iraq, and there was just one of the biggest protests ever by a public school system..because of their crappy grades and high drop-out rates.


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