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NES Zapper Lamp

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, Misc. Tech, Video Games,

NES Zapper LampWhat does one do if she/he still has some of their old Nintendo games and a Zapper gun lying around? In the case of “fluffypants,” you turn them into a lamp. Using an inexpensive lampshade, a pack of fun foam, and a cardboard base designed to look like the original Duck Hunt cartridge, she shows you full instructions to create your own. Maybe next week she will turn other Nes games into coasters or bookcases.

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E3 2007: Nintendo’s Press Conference Recap And Impressions

Shigeru Miyamoto Mario Luigi

As with the Microsoft conference before it, I was confined to my hotel Wi-Fi to take in Nintendo’s E3 press conference. But, unlike Microsoft’s, I’m walking away thoroughly and utterly disappointed. I’m going to go ahead and spoil part of the full story from after the break: there was no mention of Smash Bros. being online. Me = worried much.

Set your expectations low before you view the rest after the break.

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JoyTech Announces New, Gun-Shaped Hunk-O-Plastic for Wii

Posted by Michael Cardiff Categories: Accessories, Internet, Mods/Hacks, Wii,

Wii Sharpshooter by JoytechWe’ve been hearing quite a few rumors about the imminent release of the zapper-style Wiimote attachment as shown off by Nintendo at what is now known as The Last E3. So we’ll understand if this picture of a new hunk o’ plastic by Joytech doesn’t have you jumping up and down with excitement.

There are some design flaws with this thing that should be noted too… for one, note the ugly wire sticking out the bottom of the nunchuk, and for two, it looks like you’ll be stuck playing games that use the Nunchuk’s Z-buttons as their firing button. Let’s see… what game uses that again? Oh yeah, that’s right, none of them. That’s why there’s a convenient, B-button triggery-thing at the bottom of the Wiimote itself.

No price or release date has been listed yet for the Wii Sharpshooter, but with the true Wii Zapper attachment rumored to release shortly and for only about $19.99, we’re hoping that the Sharpshooter makes it out quickly and in the price range of “cheap”.

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