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Idiot drives motorcycle at 185 MPH down the freeway (video)

Posted by Andrey Malskiy Categories: Transportation, Videos,

We realize that there ar eplenty of videos on YouTube that leave you asking “How stupid do you have to be?” This applies to the video above, which comes from a 25-year-old Canadian. This gentleman has had his license suspended, and has an unhealthy need for speed.

The video shows him racing a Yamaha R1 down the Trans-Canadian Highway at a staggering speed of 185 miles per hour. On top of his idiocy, he also has 25 traffic infractions to his name, which leaves police (and the rest of us) asking why he isn’t behind bars.

If you need a quick adrenaline rush to get through your day, don't do this. Instead, we suggest two cups of coffee and a Red Bull. Then, hit play on the video and set it to full screen, and blast your speakers to get a good sensation of how it might feel flying down the Canadian Highway.


Deal of the Day: Save 55% on Yamaha 5 speaker theater package

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Home Entertainment, Hot Deals,

yamaha ns-ap540

eBay is featuring a 55% discount on the Yamaha 5 speaker home theater system. The NS-AP540E speaker system typically sells for $199, but for the next few hours, you can get it on eBay for just $89.99. Not a bad deal for an entry-level speaker system that's been positively reviewed. They've got limited stock, so the may run out before the three hours is up, so if you're interested, head on over:

Save 55% on Yamaha 5 speaker home theater system

Don’t forget, if you’re looking for other deals, be sure to check out our Newegg Promo Code thread.

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Newegg Promo: 24-hour sale!

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Logitech C600‘s got a 24-hour sale going on right now, and they’ve got some great deals on a few items that we think are worthy of mention. Take a look:

  • Sony VAIO NW notebook, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD - $659
  • Seagate Expansion 2TB external drive - $159
  • Toshiba 46” LCD HDTV 46RV525R - $719
  • Logitech C600 webcam - $55
  • Yamaha 5.1-channel RX-V365 receiver - $147

That’s just a sample. Head on over to the Newegg 24-hour sale page to check out all the deals they’ve got going on.

As always, you can find all sorts of Newegg promo codes and deals on our forums.

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Yamaha Avant Grand Piano

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, Music, Software,

DescriptionYamaha has created a digital piano that sounds like an acoustic one with the same key, level and hammer mechanisms. They say that their Avant Grand, with 4 embedded speakers, even feels like a real piano. At about 4 1/2 feet, half the size of an ordinary Grand, it has upgradeable software and the company’s TRS (Tactile Response System) that reproduces reverb to make it sound and feel more like the real thing. The Avant Grand will set you back about $20,000, about one hundred grand cheaper that Yamaha’s CFIIIS concert grand. Look for the debut in July.

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Yamaha TSX-120 and 130 iPod Docks

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Music, Portable Audio / Video, USB,

Yamaha TSX-130Yamaha Japan’s new TSX-120 and 130 iPod docks are made with soft wood. Both have a 15W, 2ch amplifier output, two speakers, a frequency response of 60Hz ~ 20kHz, remote and FM tuner. The 130 also has USB drive connection and a CD drive for playback and recording. Japan gets this one first in December, with the price of the TSX-120 being ¥30,000 (~$ 300.00) and the TSX-130 with a ¥40,000 (~$ 400.00) price tag.

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Yamaha Makes Time for Your Workout

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Household, Misc. Tech, Music,


Yamaha wants to help you improve your workout with the Bodibeat. Drag and drop your own tunes in your library or listen to pre-loaded mixes which they claim numbers in the thousands. The Bodibeat will select a tune that is equal to your pace whether you walk, run, or something in between. Choose from three modes, free workout, fitness, and training. Settings include tempo guide, song transition, and bass boost. It also doubles as a basic MP3 player with heart rate monitor. Expect the Bodibeat’s debut in the 3rd Quarter. Contact Yamaha for more details and price.


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Yamaha Speaker Small, but Carries a Mighty Sound

Yamaha Cube SpeakerYamaha has unveiled its cubic NX-A01 Stereo Speaker for iPods or other MP3 players. Use it on a table, desktop, counter, or anywhere you feel in the mood for a few tunes. Made with a 3 cm titanium cone, the speaker has a 90 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, and features their SR-Bass technology for an extra boost.  Available in black or white, its size is less than 9 cm (~3.5-inches) on each side, weighs 310g (~7 lbs.,) has an easy-to-use control panel on top, and is available at Yamaha for $99.95.

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