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Have a Jolly Winter Wonderland with Sony Online Entertainment

Posted by Drea Avellan Categories: Culture, MMORPG, PC, Sony

Sony Online Entertainment

For some of us, video games have become an extension of ourselves. It is only natural that we would want be able to experience the holiday season as our virtual selves as well.  Sony Online Entertainment agrees with this sentiment and has launched an online wide winter wonderland within their games including activities, special quests and treats.  The games taking part are: EverQuest®, EverQuest® II, Free Realms™, Legends of Norrath®, Pirates of the Burning Sea™, Star Wars Galaxies™ and Vanguard Saga of Heroes®.

Interested in part-taking on winter celebration? Find out all the activities available after the jump.


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Necky: The neck Snuggie. Please, no.

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Wearables, Videos

Please, someone explain to me why you’d need a Necky, because I am just not seeing it. What is wrong with the regular clothes that we already have, and have used for generations? Why do you need a chestplate that is fashioned out of cheap cloth to stay warm in the winter? Huh?? Answer me!! It’s a scarf, not a freaking bow tie. Learn how to wear one, Necky enthusiasts!

Pro Snow Maker Creates Winter

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Household, Misc. Tech, Science

Pro Snow MachineWe were all set to blog about the cutesy Snow Blowing Snowman which seemed a welcome relief from all those blow-up snow globes that constantly leak, when we came across this deluxe model. Used in movies by Thomas FX, you can bring winter home with the professional machine that features a 600 watt motor and fan that will shoot out up to 30 feet. At a size of 21 x 9 x 11-inches, it runs for about one hour and can adjust from light to heavy flakes. The machine comes with 8 oz. of snow solution, with additional bottles available for $124.94. At a price of $1499.95, we can’t imagine wanting to do anything with that much snow except making it go away.

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