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Monster and Vivienne Tam collaborate on Butterfly in-ear headphones

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Monster Vivienne Tam Butterfly headphones

Damn, Monster Cable is continuing to flood the headphone market, this time going outside of their partnership, and instead doing a collabo with fashion designer of HP netbook fame. The product will be known at the Butterfly in-ear headphones, and each earbud will have colorful butterfly artwork on it, and it’s all finished up with a light gold-brushed finish. They are being positioned as both a music accessory and a fashion piece, which we guess kind of explains the $199.95 price point. So, who’s picking these up when they ship in April?

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Bleeding Edge TV 309: HP Vivienne Tam edition vs HP Mini 1000 netbook

The edition digital clutch netbook, designed for fashion-concious women on the go, is definitely an eye-catching piece of tech. However, the HP Mini 1000 netbook is pretty much the exact same computer, minus the fancy peony flowers and striking red finish. We give you a look at both in this episode, showing you all the key differences, so you can decide on which you want to pick up. Some people are fine with basic functionality, while others most certainly want a laptop that people will notice. You can find both in the HP Store. Check out the video for the full scoop.

Unboxing Live 045: Apple iMac early 2009

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We are finally bringing you our look at the recently-updated early 2009 model in this episode. Not much has changed on the iMac front, although the price has gone down and the screen size has increased from 20-inch to 24-inches for the standard model. You also get the new graphics chipset as well, which results in a nice speed boost in the graphics department. Get a look at the video for the full scoop, and if you want one, you can find the Apple iMac on Apple’s site.

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Unboxing Live 044: HP Mini Vivienne Tam edition

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isn’t typically known for women’s fashion, but they are definitely turning that perception on its ear with the release of the HP Mini edition netbook. We get our hands on this netbook in this episode of Unboxing Live, and give you a look at what happens when the words of technology and fashion converge. The result is a notebook that has become the talk of the town, with the peony design being done by Vivienne Tam herself, turning the HP Mini into a digital clutch. Get a look by hitting the play button above, and don’t forget to take a look at our HP Mini Vivienne Tam edition gallery as well.

If you are interested, you can pick up the Vivienne Tam edition HP Mini now.

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HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition gallery

Vivienne Tam Mini design

We were able to spend some time with an Mini Edition netbook (or, digital clutch as HP is calling it,) and thought the product was nice enough to warrant a photo gallery. We’ve snapped eighteen up-close-and-personal images of the Vivienne Tam Edition equivalent of the HP Mini 1000, and we have them available for you to view in our Vivienne Tam gallery. We will be bringing you much more on the HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition, including videos and interviews with the people behind the product, but for now, enjoy the images.

Oh, and if you are interested in purchasing the Vivienne Tam Edition, here are a few links:

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