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TV gets way more green screening than you thought

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The Stargate Studios virtual backlot reel video above does a great job at showing off just how many virtual sets are used in television shows. We aren’t just talking about intense action scenes either, because a lot of what’s featured is just people walking around on a city sidewalk. Interesting and eye-opening, to say the least.


VIDEO: 2010 Minus the Special Effects

Cheesy special effects. The reason some of you are eager to see , and the reason I’m staying far away. But is the movie really as bad as it appears to me? Could there be more to Roland Emmerich’s feature than just the visuals?

In this clip for the film, (most) of the trailer’s distractions are stripped away leaving the screenplay in the forefront. Unfortunately, the only thing making up for John Cusack’s overacting is the surprise cameo at the end.

(BTW - you can compare this version to the original one after the jump.)

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Megan Fox Outdone By Effects

Megan Fox says that special effects got in the way of her skillsIn another interesting Megan Fox quote, the actress says that Transformers doesn’t show off her acting skills.

The starlet admits that she feels “pressured” to prove herself because she feels upstaged by the special effects used in the franchise.

“I have no idea about my future career. I just hope that I can still be working in 10 years. When you’re in something as successful as Transformers, you can’t use it as a sales piece for your ability as an actress because it’s all about the special effects. So you do sort of feel pressure to try and prove yourself. I have no idea what I’m capable of. I’m sort of finding that out now and testing my boundaries. I’m blessed with the opportunities that people are giving me—ones that I don’t maybe even deserve. But I’m not complaining.”

Megan can next be seen showing her talents in Jennifer’s Body, in which she plays a cheerleader out for revenge after she is killed in a satanic ritual, and says that she had to be “humiliated” to give a good performance: “I’m basically being stabbed to death by this evil rocker played by Adam Brody. I didn’t want to bulls**t my way through it because I would have been really embarrassed, so I had to allow myself to be humiliated and toyed with.”

Star Trek Phaser and Communicator

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Star Trek SetThe ultimate Star Trekkor can now beam up properly while fighting Klingons with the Phaser and Communicator Set. The Phaser has 4 power settings with appropriate lights and sounds, a flip up sight and an overload setting, also with fitting effects. The Communicator is full size with sounds and lighting, a hailing function and 20 effects and phrases such as “Spock here, Captain.” Both run on batteries (included) and have a price of $39.99.

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Flogos Take Off

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Francisco Guerra, a special effects whiz with the company Snowmasters, has come up with a fine alternative to ugly billboards. His idea, named Flogos, are foamy clouds that can be as large as four feet across and shaped like logos. He does this with a machine that creates and slices them, similar to the Fun Factory used for Play-doh. Because they are made of tiny air-filled bubbles combined with helium, they are also good for the environment.  One Flogo can go as far as 30 miles and as high as 20,000 feet, in as little as 15 seconds. The Flogo Machine has already caught the attention of Disney, who will be using one at Florida’s Walt Disney World next month to send Mickey Heads over the park.


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Getting Deep With ‘The Water Horse’

The Water HorseSure, I’ll admit it. I saw the trailers for and turned my nose straight up into the air. Like I really have the time to watch an entire movie with people acting to the air, as the star of the flick is nothing more than CGI and legend. Promoted far less than other big holiday blockbusters (I’m surprised I even caught the trailers, in-between scenes of a desperate running around in his flick), The Water Horse offers a fantastical alternative to family-friendly movies that deal exclusively in holiday laughs.

The low-key British flick is actually a period piece - set primarily during the WWII era - and told in flashback. Here’s how it goes: young boy wandering around the beach finds a strange egg and quite naturally takes it right home with him. (Every time I’ve ever found an odd, unidentified object which will no doubt hatch an unfamiliar creature, I’m itching to take it to my place of residence.) Anyway, the egg hatches to reveal, of course, .

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Transforming a Memory

Transformers Movie Optimus Prime

They’re back, they’re live action, and they’re primed for the big screen. The Transformers have been successful toys and once upon a time were a well-loved cartoon, but are there enough kids at heart out there to make the movie a success? The toys have been top sellers for two decades, and there was a time when every kid watched the Transformers cartoon. But does that mean former fans of the animated action will take to a live action version of these Transforming heroes and villains? Special effects technology is what brings Transformers out of the drawing room and into the real world of movie making, and it’s the effects that will leave audiences wide-eyed and wowed as they stare at the big screen.

The movie features two sides of the Transformers coin, the Autobots (including leader Optimus Prime) as the “good guys”, and the Decepticons (led by Megatron) as the power-crazed villains. In the movie, the Transformers come to earth after battling it out for many years on their home planet. The reviews are in, and while the robotic toys-come-to-life look great, the script leaves a lot to be desired.

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