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Best NetGuard Helps Parents Control Kids’ Internet Activity

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Best NetGuardIf you’re a parent, chances are you’re concerned about your child’s internet activities, from who they’re chatting with to the sites their visiting to the amount of time spent online. We propose a gadget that could help: Best NetGuard. It’s a small remote control with two buttons: “ON” activates Best NetGuard, disconnecting your child from the internet. The “OFF” button re-connects them. The device works by enabling/disabling the ethernet connection on the PC. No software or tools required, and it works from a range up to 75 ft. Available for $40 USD.

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Locca Access Opens the Door to the Future

Locca Access

Don’t you love it when you approach the supermarket and the door opens automatically? Well you can re-create that scenario at home with Locca Access, a remote control that unlocks your front door from 150 feet away, and comes with an electronic device that actually pushes the door open! The system comes with two remotes, a receiver that can store nearly 20 secret codes, and even a backup battery in case of a power outage. Yes, we love the notion of callously letting in guests without leaving the couch, but Locca Access also offers the convenience of not fumbling for keys when your hands are full—or when you’re coming home alone at 3:00 in the morning.

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Nerf Sports Pack for Nintendo Wii

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Nerf Sports PackAs if playing Wii Sports wasn’t realistic enough, the folks at Performance Designed Products have taken it to the next level with the Nerf Sports Pack, introduced at the 2007 Toy Fair in New York last week. Included are foam attachments with that familiar Nerf feel that transform your “Wiimote” into a cushy tennis racket, baseball bat or golf club. Look for it this summer, retailing between $15 and $30 USD. Who says playing it safe can’t be fun?

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Bleeding Edge TV 140: Planet82 SMPD Low Light Camera Technology

Planet82, the same people that brought us the Accufat Scanner, gives us a glimpse at something a bit more meaning ful in this clip - their SMPD Low Light Camera technology. Focusing on safety and security, these chips are able to record things that are happening, even in the most extreme of low light situations. The advantage of this over standard night vision is the fact that it’s so sensitive that it doesn’t need to send out any extra IR rays to generate a signal. Look for this to be included in security cameras and automobiles by the end of 2007, followed by consumer products like cell phones and digital cameras next year.

CES 2007 Video: Loc8tor Homing Device

We were able to check out the Loc8tor device at CES. This is a gadget that lets you home in on things (or people) that you have attached a small homing key to. The plus version even lets you know if a homing key moves out of your range, so you know if a kid is heading towards a street or if someone is trying to jack your gear.

Nintendo Replacing Wii Remote Straps For Free

Wii Remote Replacement Strap

In an honorable, if not necessary, move, Nintendo has decided to replace the faulty Wii Remote straps that have been giving trouble to gamers aplenty since the launch of Nintendo’s latest home gaming console. As it seems, the reports of simply too many Wii Remote strap-related accidents was enough to get Nintendo’s attention. As you can see in the image provided, the new straps, while still thin, are about twice as thick as the original ones. The replacements are free as long as you submit your Wii console serial number, and you can order up to four straps.


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Nintendo: Hold on To That Wii-Mote

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Wiimote Beats TVIn response to some of the recent stories of Wii-motes damaging friends, family, and expensive electronics (some credible, some not so much), Nintendo felt it would be a good idea to send out a reminder to all the Wii owners out there. The bottom line? Hold on to that Wii-Mote! And don’t flail your arms around at hundreds of miles per hour, ya dumby!

See an image of the e-mail from Nintendo, after the jump…

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