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Fact.me: An Oversharing Minds Dream

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Do you spam your lovely friends with "ASK ME ANYTHING! NOW! PLEASE! BEFORE I DIE!" posts on your Facebook and Twitter linking to your Formspring? Are you dying to tell the world all the awesomeness that is held within that social network profile picture? Well, I might just become your favorite person as of right now. Facto.me is a new site that allows you to post anything about yourself. Yes, anything. Do you hate pizza? Have you done unspeakable things at one of your college parties? It's time to let the world know. No more waiting for people ask you the right question -- you are in control. It also gives you the option to automatically share your facts on Facebook and Twitter, so your reach can be even larger! So, go; run free my little over sharing child and give us all the random facts about you, we probably didn't want to know.


Poll: Will you be shopping on Black Friday?

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Okay, we need to hear from you guys, our peeps. We’ve told you about a bunch of deals, some of which are downright fantastic, like that $78 Blu-ray player at Walmart. So we want to know, do you plan on braving the crowds on Friday morning to take advantage of any of this years Black Friday sales? Will you be doing your shopping from home? Or do you just not care?

Give us a glimpse into your world, will ya?

Sad Scale Medical App

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Healthcare & Fitness, $0.99,

Sad ScaleThe Sad Scale app from Deep Pockets assesses your emotional state, even if you think you are already aware of it. Created by a physician, answer a series of 20 Zung standardized questions that will be scored and you will be told where you stand on a Depression, Geriatric or Post Partum Scale. While this is not a substitute for real therapy, it will save the last 30 entries that can be e-d to your doctor. The iPhone and iPod touch application is available at the App Store for $.99.

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White House: The President Is In

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Videos,

Google March 25, 2009

Google, the most popular Web site in the United States (Alexa Top 100), has the honor of providing this interesting link. Sure, it looks like some sort of promotional thing, but click the link and you’ll go straight to the (online), which is now open for your questions.

“Many of you are worried, and have a lot of questions,” President says in the online message, which explains an upcoming event. He will host a Town Hall-style meeting which will be broadcast on Thursday at 11:30 am Eastern. He’ll answer the questions provided by people online, questions which may be submitted in text or video format. The topics provided include education, home ownership, health care reform, retirement security, financial stability and the budget.

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RHT Study Reveals Customers’ Silly Questions

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Corporate News, Misc. Tech,

Cup HolderRobert Half Technology, provider of IT pros, conducted a survey by phone with 1,400 CIOs to find their oddest requests. Executive director Katherine Spencer Lee claims, “These unusual requests highlight the need for technical support personnel to also demonstrate patience, empathy and a sense of humor.”

We guess so, after reading the list. Here are a few of the sample questions:

  • “Can you rearrange the keyboard alphabetically?”

  • “How do I read my e-mail?”

  • “My computer is telling me to press any key to continue. Where is the ‘any’ key?”

  • “Can you reset the Internet for me?”

  • “How can I block e-mail from my manager?”

  • “Can I open the bank safe using my computer?”

  • “How long does it take to bake a potato in a microwave?”

  • “I’d like to stop receiving e-mail on Fridays.”

  • “Where can I get software to track UFOs?”

  • “How do I get my computer’s coffee-cup holder to come out again?”

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  • TBS Makes a Hit…or Mistake?

    Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Games, Reality, ABC, Cable, CBS, NBC, Editorial,


    Get Smart. Indiana Jones. Re-making old classics is the latest trend on movies…so why can’t the same technique be applied to TV? I’ll admit - I’m a huge fan. Any game, any time, I play along and I usually do quite well. True TV game-players know where the best action can be found: GSN. But in this age of old-is-new, where past ideas are suddenly no longer passé, the classics come alive. In this case, it’s Match Game.

    A show with a long history that just got a little bit longer. Match Game originally hit the air in 1962 on NBC, running for seven seasons before cancellation. This is not the most famous version of the show. Match Game didn’t hit its real stride until it found a home on CBS in 1973. The episodes have resulted in some of the most popular programming GSN has ever ran, and for good reason.

    I can summon this up for you in just two words: Richard Dawson.

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    Hollywood Reporter

    FOX Tests Contestants in ‘The Moment of Truth’

    FOX logoOver the years, FOX has really pushed the limits on what can be considered acceptable television viewing – especially when it comes to the network’s reality lineup. Shows like Temptation Island became titillating, guilty pleasures, while the Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire extravaganza inspired plenty of attention-grabbing headlines. FOX became famous for reality with , and has tried re-creating that success with several similar carnations of the hit series. But now, the network is doing something a little different with . Unlike the hit , this is not the sort of game show you’re going to want to watch with your kids.

    You’ve probably seen the trailers. A single contestant sits in a chair in the middle of a huge audience. The stage is in the round, so the pressure comes from all angles. The contestants are asked questions of a highly personal nature – do you really care about starving children in Africa, are you repulsed by obese people, have you ever cheated on your wife? Here’s the twist – the contestants are hooked up to a polygraph machine, also known as a lie detector test. One contestant will even have to face his own father, a man who was not a part of his life. It’s a little sadistic, highly compelling, and just the formula FOX needs to continue the network reputation as being cutting edge.

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    Reality TV World

    Kurt Cobain Story Hits the Silver Screen

    Kurt CobainDavid Benioff (Troy screenwriter) has signed an agreement to write a movie about former Nirvana singer, Kurt Cobain. A Universal project, the movie will be based on the 2001 book Heavier Than Heaven, written by Charles Cross. Details are still up in the air on the film, which may or may not contain an on-screen appearance from Cobain’s widow, . She will, however, serve as an executive producer.

    After Cobain’s 1994 death, rumors and innuendo abounded regarding the mysterious circumstances of how he died.  Whenever a celebrity is involved, gossip circles will often repeat the same question: ‘Was it murder or suicide?’  From Marilyn to , no one wants to believe their favorite stars would take their own lives (or attempt to). It’s unknown at this point which side of the story the movie will tell.  In any event, it’s a death that will continue to remain question-rich and somewhat unsolved in the minds of fans…like many other Hollywood deaths before and since.

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