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Newegg Deal: OCZ Platinum 4GB RAM kit

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OCZ Platinum RAM

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to beef up your desktop, has got OCZ Platinum RAM, in a 4GB kit, up for sale right now for $70.99. The OCZ Platinum RAM has CL 5-5-5-18 timings and is rated to run at 1066MHz - these are definitely speedy chips. The platinum mirrored honeycomb design helps with maximum heat distribution. This is great RAM if you’ve got a maching running the Nehalem platform, and they’re selling it at a $45 discount. You can grab your OCZ Platinum 4GB Kit from Newegg, no promo code needed.

As always, you can find all sorts of Newegg promo codes and deals on our forums.

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Apple announces redesigned Mac Pro, sports Nehalem chips

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Mac Pro Nehalem 2009Continuing with all the desktop releases today, the company has announced a newly-redesigned Nehalem-based Mac Pro. The price starts at $2,499, which gets you a 2.66GHz quad-core Intel Xeon 3500, 3GB RAM, and a 640GB hard drive. If an 8-core system is more your thing, you can grab a Mac Pro with two 2.26GHz quad-core Nehalems, with 6GB RAM, for $3,299. The Nehalem chips support HyperThreading, so you get double the amount of virtual cores as you do real cores, and they support triple RAM data rate. As in customary with all the new Apple computers, the new Mac Pro sports a Mini DisplayPort, which means it is usable with the LED Cinema Display.

The new Mac Pro is available now.

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