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Jennifer Hudson Attends Trial of William Balfour

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William Balfour murder trial

Jennifer Hudson did not hear the opening statements at the trial of the man accused of killing her mother, brother and nephew. The Oscar-winning actress and singer attended the first day of the trial of William Balfour at the Cook County courtroom in Chicago today, but did not listen to the statement, court spokesperson Terry Sullivan confirmed. Her partner David Otunga, however, sat in the fourth row to hear the case.

Balfour is charged with three counts of first-degree murder relating to the 2008 killings, with prosecutors claiming a gift of balloons sent to Jennifer's sister Julia Hudson threw him into a jealous rage, causing him to use a .45 caliber handgun to kill 57-year-old Darnell Donerson, 29-year-old Jason Hudson and Julia's son Julian King, whose body was found three days later. There are no known witnesses to the killing, and despite prosecutors claiming physical evidence of gunshot residue found on the wheel of his SUV, defense says it is circumstantial.

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Arizona Shooter Indicted for Murder, Attempted Murder

Jared Lee LoughnerJared Lee Loughner, the shooter who opened fire in an Arizona mall several weeks ago, has been indicted on 49 criminal counts.

Charges include three counts of  attempted murder (of which Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is one count), three counts of murder and a host of other charges (no doubt, everything which can feasibly apply to his crime).

We’ll keep you updated on the story as it develops. To get all the headlines sooner, follow VIP Breakdown on Twitter.

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Korean gamer murders mother, commits suicide after playing ‘Internet games’

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As if video games didn't get a bad enough rep, now prepare to add more fuel to that fire as a 15 year old from Seoul, South Korea strangled his own mother to death on Monday after she scolded him for playing online computer games. After the strangling, the boy then hung himself. The murder suicide took place in the southeastern port city of Busan. 

The regularity of their fights and the extent of them up until this point is unknown, as is the video game the teen was playing. Though, his younger sister claims that he had been involved in playing "violent" video games for the past two to three years. 

Whether or not video games actually played a part in this horrible act of violence is up in the air. However, South Korea is among the world's most technologically wired, seeing 90 percent of homes having broadband internet access. Furthermore, South Korea estimates that the country has around 2 million people that are Internet addicts. 

Regardless the reason, this serves as a sorrowful reminder of the cruelty of humanity, and our heart goes out to those affected.

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Trial Delayed for Jennifer Hudson’s Murdered Family

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Jennifer Hudson‘s brother-in-law has been granted another continuance in his trial for allegedly murdering her family.

William Balfour - who has been charged with three counts of first degree murder and one of home invasion - has been told the case against him has been put back, meaning he will still not face court over the killings of the singer’s mother Darnell Donerson, 57, brother Jason Hudson, 29, and seven-year-old nephew Julian King.

Jennifer’s mother and brother were found in Jennifer’s childhood home in Chicago’s South Side on October 24, 2008. Julian’s body was found in a vehicle in Chicago a few days later. All three had multiple gunshot wounds.

Balfour - who has been jailed without bond since his arrest on December 1, 2008- denies all involvement in the killings. It has previously been alleged that Balfour - who is the estranged husband of Jennifer’s sister Julia - killed Darnell, Jason and Julian after becoming overcome with envy when he saw Julia receive a birthday present from a new boyfriend.

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Survivor Producer Questioned in Death of Wife

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Bruce and Monica Beresford-Redman

UPDATE: Bruce has been released from detention but must stay in Mexico while the investigation continues.

An Emmy-nominated reality show producer is currently being called a person of interest in the death of his wife.

Bruce Beresford-Redman was detained by authorities in Mexico on Thursday after his wife was discovered dead in a sewer. Monica Beresford-Redman had been reported missing by her husband on Tuesday after she supposedly failed to return from a shopping trip.

Monica’s body was found on the grounds of Cancun’s Moon Palace resort, where the two had been staying. A security guard from that hotel reported seeing Bruce attempt to strike his wife as the result of a fight. Others staying in the same hotel also claim they heard the couple arguing in their room.

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PBS Reopens Century-Old Crime

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Prime Time, Reality, PBS, Video,

On Monday night, will be digging into Georgia’s old case files to present The People v. Leo Frank, the story of a factory supervisor who was tried for the murder of a young girl who worked at the plant.

The case sparked national media attention, the trial carrying on for days and days until eventually Frank was convicted of the crime. A Yankee, a Jew, an outsider and a convenient target, Frank was charged with the terribly brutal murder of Mary Phagan, 13. After he was interred in jail, local citizens formed a vigilante squad to forcibly remove Frank from captivity. They took him to the outskirts of town, where a lynch mob waited. An unknown man later gave Frank’s wedding ring to his wife, ostensibly Leo’s last request.

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Preview the Mystery of Harper’s Island

Like getting caught up in a murder mystery? Love knowing when it will all end?

Starting this Thursday, CBS will introduce a series unlike any other crime drama on its network. Don’t expect answers to come at the end of the first hour. The big reveal will actually happen over two months later.

A week-long celebration on , a fictional island near Seattle, will consist of blood and screams rather than rice and laughter. One person will murdered each week during the show’s 13-episode run.

Not sure if you want to invest more time in another whodunit? Preview the teaser above and the others after the jump. If you want to see more, tune in this Thursday @ 10pm.

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Man Murders Wife Over Facebook Status

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Facebook logoIt’s a scary Internet world out there. Edward Richardson of Staffordshire, England, checked out his wife’s Facebook page. That by itself is fairly common, we suspect, but when he realized that she had changed her status to single he freaked. She wouldn’t answer any of his text messages at her parents’ house, so he went there, broke a window out of the front door, went in and killed her. He tried to off himself as well but failed. He was given 18 years for the murder and Detective Inspector Andy Wall said that the wife had wanted to end the marriage but that Richardson couldn’t accept her decision.

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Entertainment Industry Reacts to Hudson Tragedy

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Jennifer Hudson“I’m planning on touring,” smiled and spoke enthusiastically only weeks ago. “There’s more films and more music and stuff like that [in the future],” she said. “I want to start a fashion line as well, start writing music.” After her breakout performance in Dreamgirls, appearing as Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant in the runaway hit chick flick Sex and the City and with a new album and movie already making waves, Jennifer Hudson’s life seemed charmed. Today, the effervescent star is at the center of a grisly tragedy.

Engaged to David Otunga and on the brink of what appears to be an extremely successful career, Hudson talked of her many future plans. “It’s gonna be a production,” she said of her wedding. “I have so many visions for it right now - I get to put that together.”

Hudson, 27, had the world at her feet only last week. Now, she probably feels the weight of the world crashing down on her shoulders. Over the weekend, Hudson’s mother and brother were victims of domestic violence, events which proved fatal for both. On Monday, the star was in Chicago identifying the Julian, 7, who had gone missing after the killings took place.

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Body of Jennifer Hudson’s Nephew Found

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Julian KingUPDATE: The FBI has since confirmed that the deceased boy found inside the car was Julian King.

The sad discovery of a young boy’s body may have put an end to an Illinois-area Amber Alert.

Earlier this morning, the Chicago Police Department were asked to check on a possible suspicious car. The white Chevy Surburban, which was parked on the city’s west side, matched the description included in Friday’s missing person report. Although a definitive ID has not yet been released, a body found inside is believed to be that of Julian King, Jennifer Hudson’s 7-year-old relative.

Just this past weekend, the Oscar-winner posted a plea on her MySpace page and offered up a $100,000 reward for the safe return of her nephew. Officers began looking for the boy shortly after the bodies of his grandmother and uncle were located late last week. Although he has not yet been charged with any crimes, Julian’s stepfather, William Balfour, has been in police custody since Friday night.

Relatives fearing the worse about King had reportedly scheduled a church vigil for noon today.

(You can follow updates to this story here.)

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