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e-Book publishers shell out $69 million in price-fixing allegation case

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Apple Amazon DOJ antitrust ebook suit

In the midst of Apple and ebook publishers collusion allegations brought forth by the Department of Justice (DoJ), Massachusetts Attorney General, Martha Coakley (Democrat), is tossing in her hat by filing a civil antitrust lawsuit. Three book publishers are shelling out over $69 million, $2 million of which is going to Massachusetts customers, to settle out of court. The ongoing lawsuit alleges that Apple got together with publishers and devised a plan to raise ebook prices in Apple's own iBookstore, which is in direct competition with Amazon's Kindle ebook store. Amazon is known for selling it's ebooks at rock-bottom prices, often at the expense of publishers and authors. So, although it appears that the DoJ's lawsuit greatly benefits consumers, who it really benefits is Amazon. Look at it this way: Amazon makes its lion share of money from many different sources, therefore, it can afford to sell ebooks at a loss since consumers buying through Amazon Kindle are exposed to advertisement promoting everything else they sell. Meanwhile, other booksellers are going out of business unable to compete, inadvertently creating a monopoly where Amazon reigns supreme. In the long run, who is this really benefiting? The way I see it, the DoJ lawsuit, although good intentioned, will eventually have the opposite effect of what its trying to achieve; and while now it appears to benefit consumers, in the end, Amazon wins.

Ebook publishers Macmillan and Penguin have not settled and Apple vowed to fight the allegations in court.

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Ben Affleck Returns to Director’s Chair

Ben Affleck will soon be following up his critically-acclaimed work on Gone Baby Gone with another Massachusetts-set drama.

For The Town, Affleck will be wearing three hats at the same time. In addition to directing and acting, the Oscar winner (Good Will Hunting) will make tweaks to a screenplay already started by Peter Craig and Chuck Hogan. (Hogan is the author of the book - Prince of Thieves - on which this movie is based.) Last year, Ben and Aaron Stockard worked on adapting the novel for Gone.

In the Warner Bros. production, Ben will play a career thief who becomes romantically-involved with a bank manager. Unfortunately, an FBI agent hunting the criminal also has his eyes set on the same woman.

Affleck, who is currently filming Mike Judge’s Extract, already has two films scheduled for release next year. He’s Just Not That Into You hits theaters in February while State of Play arrives in April.

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