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Apple surges past Exxon Mobil, becomes most valuable company in the world

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Apple beats Exxon Mobile

With all the craziness we are seeing in the stock market over the past couple of days, you had to expect changes across the board, but the fact that Apple has just overtaken Exxon Mobil at the top of the market came much sooner than expected. Apple, at least for now, is the most valuable company in the world. We don't mean most valuable technology company--we mean most valuable company, period. This is an amazing feat for a company that, just over a decade ago, people thought was on the verge of backruptcy.


Apple surpasses Microsoft in market cap, becomes second biggest US company

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Apple Microsoft market cap

Yesterday, for the first time ever, Apple, Inc. surpassed Microsoft in market capitalization, making Apple the most valuable tech company in the US, and the second-largest in the country, behind Exxon Mobil. We’ve gotta say, we’re surprised and very interested in how all this went down. I mean, Microsoft just makes so many more products than Apple does, so much more software, and even has the wildly popular Xbox gaming division to boot, and all the software income that comes along with that platform. Yet, here we are. The company with the wildly popular iPhone and iPad devices and simple product line has bested the juggernaut. One point of interest in the graph above—notice the trend Microsoft had when Bill Gates was at the helm, followed by what happened when Steve Ballmer took over. Scary.

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