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Win a copy of Make My Day for iPhone and iPad!

Make My Day iPhone iPad

We’re giving away ten copies of Make My Day for iPhone and iPad, which just hit the App Store this morning. The easiest way to describe the app is to have you think about those old-school Choose Your Own Adventure books. Remember those? Turn to page 4 to turn the key, or turn to page 27 to run away crying? Yeah, those. Well, instead of reading, the Make My Day app is a live-action choose your own adventure movie. You choose the paths that the characters will take as you are watching. It’s got 26 different scenes and 13 different endings, depending on which story branches you choose.

Here’s how to enter:

That’s it! We’ll send out the download codes on Twitter over DM, so be sure you follow the Gear Live account, otherwise we won’t be able to get it to you. For more info on the app, you can check out Make My Day on the App Store.