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Mapmotive Facebook Application

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Internet

MapmotiveMapmotive is a handy mapping tool for Facebook that lets you know where your friends are located. Still being worked on by designer creator Jonathan Dunn from Montreal, QC, you can add and share locations of interest, special events and your favorite haunts. Of course it will not work for certain privacy levels, but it would be a fun way to find out where your buds in Oshkosh or Fargo hang out.

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Backtrack GPS Finder

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: GPS, Transportation

Backtrack GPS FinderNever worry about getting lost in the woods again. With the Backtrack GPS Finder, you mark a spot (like your car,) press a button and it instantly records the space. Even better, it will keep up to 3 locations in its memory. The self-calibrating compass has a SiRF Star III GPS receiver, is water resistant, runs on 2 AA batteries (not included,) and includes a lanyard for wearing or attaching. At a size of only 9 x 7 x 1cm, the Backtrack Finder carries a price of £59.99 (~$111.58.)

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Schmap Mapping for iPhone and iPod touch

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Handhelds, Software

Schmap for iPhone

Schmap has come out with a new beta service for s and iPod touches similar to Google mapping. When you hold your device vertically, it features places of interest on a scrollable list which is updated dynamically. Rotate to landscape and it shows them on a map. Tap a name from the list or one of the icons to get more information such as location and phone number with pics. Touch previous or next and you get your choice of other places in the area. Contact Schmap on your iPhone to try out their service.


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IPS Tracks Victims by Satellite

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: GPS, Misc. Tech, Science

firefightersThales, a French aerospace company, designed its IPS (Indoor Positioning System) for firefighters. The tracking system is based on the Ultra Wide Band radio signal, a form of satellite navigation. They felt that traditional GPS would not be as effective as the signals were often weak and sometimes bounce off surfaces. The IPS shows the exact location of people or animals inside buildings that are too smoky to see. It can also track firefighters’ positions in relation to each other as well as their outside vehicles. We can see other future applications, such as tracking lost miners or the injured after our next great natural disaster.

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