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Leaked video shows new Xbox 360 fall 2011 dashboard update

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Kinect, Microsoft, Xbox 360, Xbox Live,

What's not new: The Xbox 360 is likely getting a Fall update that contains significant graphical updates and a few new features, like enchanted Kinect motion and voice navigation, Bing integration, and, ultimately, live television streaming.

What is new: A freshly leaked video that shows just how some of the different components of the new Xbox interface are shaping up.

An unknown source has leaked a full video that shows off a lot of the simple menu navigation and new user interface elements allegedly arriving on November 15 as a part of Microsft's fall Xbox 360 dashboard update. What's missing, however, are all the juicy bits: A preview of the voice-activated search, for example, or any kind of mention of an integrated live TV service or promised social connectivity, like the ability to fire off news of one's achievements to a connected Facebook account.

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Comcast and Verizon live TV content expected to come to Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Live TV

Microsoft will partner with providers like Comcast and Verizon for its upcoming Xbox 360 integrated TV experience, according to a Bloomberg report.

Users will sign into Comcast Xfinity and Verizon FiOS apps on the Xbox 360 with existing account information. Redmond will also likely ink content deals with HBO, Sony's Crackle, the Bravo and SyFy channels, and Amazon's Lovefilm, Bloomberg said.

Microsoft discussed its Live TV efforts at this year's E3 gaming conference, and the feature has already kicked off overseas with Sky TV in the U.K., Canal Plus in France, and FoxTel in Australia. Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer provided more details on what US consumers can expect during a presentation at the company's BUILD conference earlier this month.

"It's quite obvious that we need to increase the amount of video and TV content that are available on the Xbox," Ballmer said. "Our goal this year is to dramatically increase the total amount of content, the total entertainment catalog available on the Xbox, particularly by working in partnership with a number of video suppliers."

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Awkward TV: Wrong Person Named Winner of Australia’s Next Top Model

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Reality, Video,

This is something even could learn from.

What should have been a moment of celebration for the winner of Australia’s Next Top Model turned into a moment of embarrassment for everyone involved—especially for the host.

Although Sarah Murdoch was initially told 19-year-old Kelsey Martinovich (the girl seen speaking first in the clip) had won the competition—Amanda Ware (seen in red) was the actual winner.

Cue the video to the :50 mark to witness the awkwardness kick in.

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OrbLive streams live television to your iPhone

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Entertainment, New Apps, $9.99,

OrbLive for iPhone

Here at Gear Live, we’ve been big fans of Orb for quite a while. Back in the original days, they made an app that was only available on jailbroken phones that we really liked - we just knew it needed to run at 3G speeds to be useful when on the go. The time has finally come, though, as OrbLive has hit the App Store. To back up for a moment, Orb allows you to access files and media on your home computer while on the go. This means that any music on your home computer can now be played on your iPhone from wherever you are. Videos too. Oh, and if you have a TV tuner in your computer, Orb will even allow you to tap into that and watch live television on the go as well. Isn’t that off the hook?

The one caveat for the time being is that the Orb PC software is only available for Windows - but the Orb folks are promising that versions for Mac and Linux are coming soon. We definitely recommend this one - grab the full version of OrbLive for $9.99, or if you are on the fence, there is also a demo version, OrbLive Free.

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Awkward CNN Moment of the Day

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Cable, News, Video,

When it comes to financial matters, some people cringe…others have an awkward sexual encounter on live TV.

(BTW - did anyone else notice how long it took the photographer to tighten up the shot?)

Jane Fonda Drops the C-Word on Morning TV

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Talk Shows, NBC, News, Video,

Actress woke up the Today show audience this morning when she let a colorful word slip.  The best part?  She didn’t even blink.  She just kept on going…

Unfortunately, host was forced to clean up the mess later and issued an apology.  (You can see that clip after the jump.)

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