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Dark Side Watches Unveiled

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Darkside Watches

Tokyoflash has told Gear Live that they have two new black and blue Limited Edition watches that still take a bit of deciphering to read. The LEDs feature time, date, and day of the week and have auto-light activation possible every fifteen minutes between 6 p.m. and midnight to remind you that it is way past your bedtime. The timepieces have a stainless steel band and run on two lithium batteries. Getting your own piece of the “Dark Side” will cost you 21,900 ($180.62) and ¥15,900 ($131.13) respectively.

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Books Always Shine with the Over-Ear Book Light

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Over Ear Book LightWe really like this gadget, if only because it’s so cool-looking, in that straight-out-of-“Minority Report” kinda way. It’s the Over-Ear Book Light, and you guessed it, it clips to your ear and shines a beam of light on whatever you’re reading. Now you can continue to enjoy whatever “Harry Potter” book you’re up to without disturbing your bedmate or fellow passenger—and  look tres-cool at the same time. The Over-Ear doesn’t emit heat, yet provides 100,000 hours of light, which you’ll certainly need if you’re reading a JK Rowling book. Requires one AAA battery for 25 hours of use. Available for $25 USD.

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Light Up Your Wii with the Crystal Cooler

Wii Crystal Cooler Whether your precious is having overheating issues or you just want to snazz it up a bit, we have a rather interesting item for you, from those USB-obsessed folks at Brando. It’s the Wii Crystal Cooler, a clear stand for your console that has a built-in “high velocity” fan to cool off the machine. The stand is also lit up by a blue LED light, adding a dosage of coolness or amusing tackiness

to your Wii. The stand is powered via USB, and the LED has an on/off switch for quieter moments. Available for $20 USD. 

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SIGNAL Blinking Cell Phone Holder

SIGNAL Blinking Cellphone HolderThe zen of a quiet surrounding, say your work environment, is easily ruined when someone’s cell phone rings - especially if they have an annoying song-of-the-moment ringtone. If it’s you with the offending phone, avoid the scorn of the disrupted with the SIGNAL Cellphone Holder. Just silence your phone and put it in the holder, which will blink when you receive a call. It works by picking up on cellular phone waves…very smart in our book. Yes, we realize you could just put your phone on vibrate, but that’s not always a convenient option, and besides, we think this gadget will look uber-cool on anyone’s desk. The SIGNAL costs $30 USD.

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CES 2007 Video: Gennum’s Massive LED Wall

So, is all about the glitz and glamour. I think that is pretty much universally understood. Gennum was at the show showing off a huge LED wall in partnership with Daktronics. We talk to them a bit about this technology in this episode.

Cool WiiMote Mod: The Totally Sweet Glowing A Button

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DescriptionSome readers over at MaxConsole have offered up pictures of a pretty sweet-looking mod for Nintendo’s famous Wiimote. Who hasn’t looked at the beautiful, clear A button before and thought “Dang, I bet that thing would look sweet lit up!”. Well, if you did, you were right… click the jump for more pictures of this mod. Hopefully the user will post instructions on the hack sometime soon, or at very least give us some pictures of the increased-lumens Wiimote without the controller glove.

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Maintain Your Manly Face With the USB Rechargeable Shaver

USB ShaverHere’s another reason to never have to leave your computer. The USB Rechargeable Shaver will keep you looking your natty best while you are commuting to your next business meeting. Plug it into your laptop and the blue LED indicates NiMH battery charge status. At dimensions of 10.9 x 5.3 x 1.5 cm with a weight of 74 gm, the shaver features a floating double-head system, an ultra-thin outer foil, a rotating plug, and is available for $22.00 at USB Geek (cleaning brush included.) 

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Nokia Unveils N75 Computer

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Nokia N75

Today Nokia introduced their N75 at New York’s Open Studio. This small multimedia computer offers digital music playback, quality photography, telephony and what they refer to as a “rich” Internet communication. Housed in a thin clamshell and utilizing its 2.4-inch screen for a slide show, it can print 2 megapixel (1600 x 1200 pixels) photos with up to 16 million colors. It also features a 16x digital zoom, an integrated flash LED, and accepts files in JPEG/EXIF format. Wait, there’s more. The N75 doubles as a mini-TV screen, supports formats MP3, M4A, AAC, eAAC+, and WMA, and its advanced digital music player includes an equalizer, playlist, shuffle and repeat features. There’s still more. With an internal memory of up to 40 MB, it can be further expanded with an optional microSD card of up to 2 GB. We’re simply exhausted, so visit Nokia if you want even more details, such as availability and price.

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The Hear Now Pet-Tracker


If you are a pet owner, this new product is definitely up your alley. The Hear Now is based on a 2-way radio communication system that you control with a handheld walkie-talkie. Place The Hear Now around your dog’s neck and you can communicate with Fido from as far away as 12 miles. It also has LED that is visible up to 2 miles.

This pet-tracking and communication device was created by Simon Wilby in Calgary, who is also company president.  “Lost pets in the urban and rural areas is a substantial problem. The Hear Now will help facilitate a quick recovery.” Future models will include instant GPS and GPRS tracking capabilities that could be sent directly to your palm, blackberry, or voice mail. Also in development is geo-fencing (invisible boundaries for your pet) which will alert you if Fido decides to visit the poodle down the block.

The HearNow also comes in a harness model for cats, a halter model for horses, and can be attached to a wheelchair. Greg Miller, who is in charge of worldwide distribution, told Gearlive that can be pre-ordered on line and will be available in about 4 weeks in retail outlets. Prices range from $199.99 to $259.99. We think that this is a much better solution than zapping Fido every time he tries to leave the yard or fitting him with a nasty electronic implant. 

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