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Mio Knight Rider GPS System

KR GPSIf you can’t afford the real KITT, Mio has developed the Knight Rider GPS unit with voice prompts from the original man behind the car, William Daniels. (You thought we were going to say Hasselhoff, didn’t you?) The LCD displays red LEDs, similar to the car’s front lighting. Among other comments, after powering up it will ask, “Hello Michael. Where do you want to go today?”

Too much fun, especially if your name is Michael. The Knight Rider is expected to carry a $270.00 price. Contact Mio for further details.

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Knight Riders’ KITT Replaced

Val KilmerA TV project months in the making has had a major casting change in the 11th hour.

, the voice of NBC’s new KITT mobile, has had to sever ties from the Knight Rider movie.  It seems his vocal cords actually belong elsewhere.

The actor (Blades of Glory) has been doing General Motors voice-over work for some time now.  Unfortunately, those who have seen trailers for the ‘80s update know the automobile featured belongs to Ford.  GM, finally realizing there may be a conflict of interest, asked the two-timing Arnett to step aside.

Fortunately for the network, another actor has been found to fill the void.  will now be the one heard in the Feb. 17th special.  Assuming the movie serves as a new series’ pilot, it’s unclear whether Kilmer would continue on with the role.

As for Arnett, let’s just hope that Arrested Development film happens after all.

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Bleeding Edge TV 174: DARPA Grand Challenge Qualifier: Carnegie Mellon and GM’s BOSS Vehicle

We visited one of the fifty or so groups participating in the DARPA Urban Challenge during one of their qualifying rounds. In case you are unaware, the DARPA Urban Challenge is a charge given publicly to groups who are capable of designing and proving the technology for autonomously driven vehicles. Carnegie Mellon University teamed up with GM to create an autonomous SUV they call “Boss.” In order to participate in November’s 60-mile urban driverless race, they need to pass this benchmark. Check out the video to see Boss pull perfect three point turns and beautifully follow traffic rules - even at four way stops with other cars. We’re crazy excited to see this technology come alive in our society. The team from DARPA is darting back and forth across our country qualifying and disqualifying entries. Some of the remaining companies and teams will bring us autonomously driven cars during our lifetime, its amazing how close we already are.