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Will Ferrell is the ‘Muhammad Ali of Improv’

Will FerrellWill Ferrell is the "Muhammad Ali of improv."

The comedian stars in Matt Piedmont's Casa de mi Padre, a Spanish language Mexican telenovela, and although the motion picture was a huge challenge for Will, the director says he rose to the occasion beautifully.

"For Will it was surely a Heart of Darkness in that he pulled off something almost impossible that surely caused him night sweats: having to act in a very specific Northern Mexican accent in a language he does not speak. He is the Muhammad Ali of improv and we tied one hand behind his back and threw him to the lions covered in barbeque sauce. For me it was pure joy and a grand psychedelic trip down a crazy rabbit hole, like being strapped to a rocket ship of love made of liquid lightning."

Will stars as the brother who must save his family's ranch from an evil, cigarette-smoking drug lord (Gael Garcia Bernal), and rescue his brother (Diego Luna) from a life of crime and Matt revealed he was delighted his feature film directorial debut was an R rated Spanish language satire.

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Charlie Sheen Joins Drew Carey for Improv Show

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Charlie Sheen, Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza

For the second year in a row, Charlie Sheen will join the ranks of Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza, which airs on GSN. Sheen’s first appearance as part of the act was a surprise to everyone but Sheen -- even the comedians were startled.

We’re pretty sure that he got a specific invite this year. The show will begin airing on GSN on April 11 at 8pm and 11pm EST, but you won’t see Charlie Sheen until the April 12 episode.

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Charlie Sheen Surprises Drew Carey at Improv Show

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Charlie Sheen unexpectedly showed up at a taping of Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza, a new series which will begin airing on GSN in March. The actor’s appearance wasn’t just a surprise for host Carey and a whole group of comedians -- GSN had no idea he was going to be there, either.

Sheen appeared on stage during a live performance at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, joining the cast of comedians for a segment that involves creating a story on the spot.

In the photo above, Sheen is pictured with Colin Mochrie, Carey, Greg Proops, Chip Esten, Jeff Davis and Ryan Stiles.

Drew Carey to Bring Improv to GSN

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Drew Carey will reunite with Whose Line Is It Anyway? costars Colin Mochrie, Brad Sherwood, Greg Proops and Ryan Stiles for Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza, which will air on the Game Show Network. Comedienne Kathy Kinney has also joined the cast.

The show, which will feature audience participation as well as improvisational comedy, premieres on GSN on March 28. The show will be taped live at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas this month.

Heather Anne Campbell, Jeff Davis, Chip Esten and Sean Masterson will help round out the cast.

We’re not sure how the game show aspect figures in to this comedy stage show -- but, we don’t care. Carey and crew shine at improv, and this is one Ganza we don’t plan to miss.

SNL to Pick Up Three New Cast Members

The SNL revolving door is still turning. On the heels of , gossip hints that fans can expect to see three new faces when the new season debuts in the fall.

Want to get a look at the rumored newcomers? Follow the jump to get the scoop.

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Don Cheadle Says Iron Man 2 Was Mostly Improv

Much like how Jeff Bridges claimed that he didn’t have a script to work on for the first Iron Man film, actor Don Cheadle (War Machine) says that things haven’t changed for the sequel.

“No, there wasn’t [a locked-in script]... To be honest, We did improv a lot. We were very often sort of on a journey of discovery in the scenes, trying to find out where we were, who we were, what it was going to be.”

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How to win at ChatRoulette: Use a piano!

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Okay, so ChatRoulette is all the rage right now (although, admittedly, I have yet to give it a try,) and we think we found someone that you’ll want to be on the lookout for when you are randomly talking to um, random, individuals. If you come across Merton, the improvising piano player, give him a moment. Hit up the video above to see why. He definitely had us laughing with some of his classic lines.

Comedy Central Hosts Return

Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart TV (and ) got a boost Monday night with the return of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert of . Absent from TV since November 1, 2007, both hosts winged it on-air without their writers, and neither was afraid to comment on the current scriptless situation. But even with these valiant efforts, viewers didn’t see the same shows they’re used to.

It’s been pondered for weeks now, and finally the question has been answered. How will Comedy Central’s two late night shows fare without writers? For these first episodes back, both hosts talked about the at length, each interviewing experts on labor relations and unions. , who has a background in stand-up comedy, seemed as relaxed and at home as ever on stage, though he referred to the present as “uncomfortable circumstances.” Stewart also announced a name change for the show, to be in effect for the duration of the strike: ‘A Daily Show’.

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Improv Series Coming to NBC

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David Alan GrierNow here’s a show that sounds like it could be a good time. NBC has ordered six episodes of the improv series Thank God You’re Here. The show is nothing too groundbreaking—you’ve seen it before with Who’s Line is it Anyway? and this exact series is already enjoying popularity in other countries. Hosting duties will be performed by David Alan Grier (In Living Color), while Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall, Newsradio) serves as judge. I’m excited because I love these two, and I love improv. Check out the pilot, featuring Bryan Cranston (Malcolm in the Middle), Joel McHale (E!‘s The Soup), Jennifer Coolidge (American Pie), and Wayne Knight (Seinfeld). No details yet on when exactly you can catch the premiere of this show, but be on the lookout for what should prove an entertaining diversion from ordinary television offerings.

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