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Disney Buys Marvel Comics: Top 20

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Marvel Comics

Fanboys of a certain age will always remember where they were on Monday August 31, 2009, the day the vast Disney empire, home of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Quentin Tarantino, announced it was buying Marvel Comics, the home of Iron Man, X-Men, Spider-Man and all the rest, at a price of $4 billion.

For now, both sides are saying all the correct, corporate, and SEC-friendly things designed to placate worriers and fretters from Wall Street to Melrose Avenue. If you’d like to know what the future holds, though, here are the Top 20 Signs That Your Comic Book Company Has Been Bought By Disney:

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Brush Your Teeth With Hannah Montana

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Household, Misc. Tech, Music

MC ToothbrushFile this one under anything to make a buck. We can handle a Bono iPod, or an Armani cell phone, but a Miley Cyrus Toothbrush? The harder you brush, the louder it “sings” for up to a total of 2 minutes of “Pumpin’ Up the Party.” We’re not sure we can deal with that much of the tween idol at one time, but thank goodness after you invest in the brush for $9.99, both the brush head and batteries are non-replaceable. Ashley Tisdale and Hilary Duff models are also available at Hasbro. We think we will wait for a more rocking version, perhaps with the Stones’ “Mother’s Little Helper.”

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Hannah Montana: The First Day One Game You’ll Buy “For Your Little Sister”

Okay, the game is Hannah Montana. But subtitled “Music Jam,” this game looks like a portable including recording capabilities, four different instruments, wireless multiplayer and some really cool gameplay. There’s really no reason to be ashamed if you end up excited about this game. Except, you know, the teeny bopper license and the fact that any guy over 13 who buys this will get a lot of really suspicious looks from game store clerks.

Still, the guy demoing the game in the video is not a wuss and would totally beat you up, so if he’s comfortable playing it, you should be too.

Or, you could hold out and hope that Disney Interactive wisely re-brands this down the road with something a little less emasculating or at the very least a little less “middle school.”

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