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Bleeding Edge TV 439: Gunnar Optiks at CES 2012

We bring you a full rundown of Gunnar Optiks in this episode. Gunnar makes some amazing computer and gaming glasses that significantly reduce eye strain and make a long workday (or gaming marathon) a super pleasant experience on your eyes. Gunnar also makes prescription models, as well as 3D eyewear. We bring you a rundown of how the technology works, and a look at the Spring 2012 Gunnar Collection. You can check out Gunnar glasses on Amazon. This video was recorded at CES 2012.

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Bleeding Edge TV 338: Gunnar Optiks 3D and computer glasses

We caught up with the folks behind Gunnar Optiks, makers of high quality 3D glasses, as well as some great computer glasses, and outdoor fashion shades as well. We wanted to focus specifically on the 3D technology, as well as the computer shades, since we know a lot of you out there spend hours looking at computer monitors, television displays, and mobile devices screens all day. The company is founded and run by people with some serious optics knowledge, and they are about to hit us hard with purchasable 3D glasses, including prescription glasses, so you have your own pair when you hit theaters, rather than the generic huge ones.

The computer glasses I was originally skeptical about, but after wearing them for just a few minutes, you realize the benefit. Here are the Gunnar computer glasses that we’ve been rocking recently, if you are interested. Definitely worth it, we say. Hit the video above for all details on what Gunnar Optiks has going on.

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