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3D TV Without Glasses Closer

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3D TVEuropean researchers are working on 3D technology that does not require a pair of those nerdy glasses and can be viewed from several angles. A project nicknamed HOLOVISION which ended in April of last year was replaced by OSIRIS, which will continue through the end of the year. The resolution is said to be about 10x HDTV with projection engines driven by 9 high-end PCs and holographic imaging film being used. Expect this to not be accessible to the masses for awhile as the first applications will probably be in industry and/or science.

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NBC Lines Up Another Celeb-Reality Show

NBC trying its hardest to find that special celeb-realityBecause we can apparently never have enough celebrity reality shows, NBC is currently developing yet another one.

Realizing that perhaps the very out there circus atmosphere was not their forté, producers have opted to focus on resorting to what they do best: partying!

Well, okay, maybe not the Paris Hilton kind of party, but the more formal kind. A typical episode for Celebrity Come Dine With Me will feature one celebrity who hosts a dinner party for his or her famous friends. At the end of the night, the party will be judged on presentation, food, and entertainment value.

Sounds kind of lame to you, too, right? I mean, I love watching celebrities, but watching them eat and be entertained doesn’t interest me all too much. I say that knowing that the show has found “success” in 16 other countries.

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