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Tuesday Ratings: Noteworthy Numbers for Historic Evening

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Barack Obama

Although CW decided to broadcast new episodes of 90210 and Privileged last night, we’re going to ignore that network for just this week.

While it would be hard for anyone to deny the significance of last night’s , how many people were actually tuned in? Here’s some of the highlights from yesterday’s political coverage:

  • Approximately 71.5 million watched the events unfold over 14 different networks. That’s a 16% increase from 2000’s contest between and Al Gore (61.6 million) and a 21% increase over 2004’s battle between Bush and Kerry (59.2 million).
  • Of the 71.5 million, 38.13 million saw Barack Obama become the President-elect via the four major networks.
  • ‘s 13.1 million viewers bested the competition Monday. (That was the Alphabet network’s first win since 1996.) had been holding the title since the 2000 election.
  • ‘s 12.3 million actually beat CBS and NBC for 2nd place. That was the cable channel’s largest audience in its 28-year-history. That number almost doubled what the network saw in 2004.

(You can review last Tuesday’s ratings here.)

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We Will Be Back In Strength

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Former Governor of Arkasas, Republican Mike Huckabee, couldn’t have said it better. I agree with him in his open letter on redstate.com.

My thoughts are like his, but I’m also hoping that the next four years are not like the last four. Our country has been so divided, and in my opinion, made worse by the mainstream media. I feel that conservatives have a lot more humility than liberals. They can disagree with their leader without disrespecting our nation’s highest office, or stating publicly like some have about our current president, George W. Bush, wishing for his death.

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This Week on TV (11/3-11/9)

Law & Order

(You can view TV Envy’s Fall Television Programming Schedule here.)


MONDAY (11/3)
  • Inside the Actors Studio (Bravo, 8pm):  Season 15 premiere. “A conversation with Oscar-winning actress Goldie Hawn, who retraces her career journey and discusses her books, her tattoo and her mother’s death.” James Lipton will also retrace the moments when Hawn’s career started dying a slow death.
  • Saturday Night Live Presidential Bash 2008 (NBC, 9pm):  “A ready-for-prime-time political skewering, featuring new material and a collection of politically-themed clips from the show’s archive.” This could be your last chance to laugh before you cry.
  • First Class All the Way (Bravo, 9pm):  Series premiere. “Sara whips up a high-end getaway to Paris and Monaco for a clique of privileged women, but there’s a bump in the road when a passport goes missing.” I just hate to see a privileged woman miss out on a trip.
  • The Hills (MTV, 10pm):  “Audrina moves out.” Haven’t we seen this episode already? Oh wait - we just saw it unfold in Us Weekly.

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John McCain to Visit Saturday Night Live

With less than 96 hours to go until Election Day, John McCain is prepared to take advantage of any press option available. And while he may lack the millions of dollars needed to buy several 30-minute infomercials, there is something he can always do for free: a Saturday Night Live appearance.

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Barack Obama Makes His Statement

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In a highly presidential fashion, democratic White House contender bought up thirty minutes of network TV time (on several stations, no less) to directly address the American public he hopes to win over. It was all very State of the Union - and incredibly politically savvy. But did his message strike a chord with viewers?

Replete with clips of Obama’s more moving speeches and statements from fellow Democrats along with high-ranking CEOs and others, the half-hour infomercial put Barack right into the living rooms of U.S. voters. There was no stage, there were no other candidates jockeying for position or good sound bites; there was no or John McCain. It was, all in all, one of the best aspects of the entire campaign season thus far.

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This Week on TV (10/27-11/2)


(You can view TV Envy’s Fall Television Programming Schedule here.)


MONDAY (10/27)
  • Heroes (NBC, 9pm):  “Angela asks Sylar to save Peter.” As if anyone believes that Peter - or anyone else - would really die at this point.
  • Jon & Kate Plus 8 (TLC, 9pm):  “The Gosselins get ready for a trip to Hawaii, where Jon and Kate will renew their wedding vows.” This time around, they’ll be paying to feed 8 more guests.
  • One Tree Hill (CW, 9pm):  “Lucas’ second novel proves successful.” Let’s see if we can say the same for ‘s second wedding.
  • My Own Worst Enemy (NBC, 10pm):  “Edward’s trip to Mexico to gain intel on Russian weaponry doesn’t go as planned.” Nothing about this show is going as planned.

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Palin As President

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Palin as President

What would it be like if Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin took over as President for John McCain? Here’s a little peak into Sarah Palin’s Oval Office, if she were President.

When you visit the link, don’t forget to click on most of the objects in the office. This is great for me, because it might be my only chance to see what would actually happen if McCain/Palin won the election.

Register to Vote!

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Vote ButtonIt is so easy to register to vote now that we at Gear Live want to encourage you to do so if you have not already. We admit we have been apathetic in the past, but to not vote means you will not be heard. If you are 18 or older, head over to Declare Yourself to register online (at least 30 days before Nov. 4,) request an absentee ballot, or find specific election locations for your area. There are links to candidates, stands, and issues. Launched in 2003, the site is perfect for finding answers, no matter what the questions. So vote, tell your friends to, and be grateful that we live in a country where we can choose our leaders, rather than having them thrust upon us.

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MIchael Moore Offers Free Online Film

Slacker Uprising

Starting September 23, director will be giving fans a rare treat: a free look at his latest project. This move, which will happen purposefully before the presidential election, comes four years after the controversial Fahrenheit 9/11 was released.

In Slacker Uprising, cameras follow Moore during a 2004 tour. The filmmaker hit 62 different cities that year in hopes of inspiring young adults to vote. (A trailer for the documentary can be seen after the jump.)

Although he originally intended to release Slacker in theaters, Moore - who doesn’t expect to profit from the release - wanted a way to celebrate Roger & Me‘s upcoming anniversary. (That film debuted in 1989.) “This is being done entirely as a gift to my fans. The only return any of us are hoping for is the largest turnout of young voters ever at the polls in November, ” Moore states on his website.

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Barack Obama Does More Than Talk Change

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Barack Obama

Change! It’s been his promise and his slogan for many moons now, and isn’t going to let his message get too stale. Having trouble following the presidential contender’s policy plans? Not seeing any helpful debates on television that might allow you make up your mind about where to cast your vote?

Just get the book. Starting September 9, you too can purchase Change We Can Believe In: Barack Obama’s Plan to Renew America’s Promise, which will hit the bookshelves on that date. The price is $13.95 USD, the proceeds of which will be donated to an as-yet-unnamed charity. You can also purchase an e-version of this book starting September 8 for the same price.

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