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Nintendo DS Lite now just $99

DS Lite $99

Quick update for you mobile gaming fans - the Nintendo DS Lite is now $99. Nintendo announced the price drop today, ahead of next weeks E3. It's a great price for a fantastic portable console, but we have to wonder--does this mean we might see a Nintendo 3DS price drop next week? It's no secret that the sales on Nintendo's new flagship console have been less than stellar.

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Thrustmaster DSi Accessories

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Thrustmaster has come out with two new accessories for the DSi. The T-Standee Charger is a multi-position docking station for the game system that will charge while it is being played. The charger will be out this June at a price of $12.99. The T-Strap Charger is a wrist strap with safety slider with charging case for both the Dsi and DS Lite that hooks up to a USB port. It should be out this month with a $7.99 price.

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Mother’s Day Special Edition DS Lite Bundle

DS Lite BundleThis may be your last chance to get a gift for mom before the big day Sunday, so why not get her something you can borrow? Nintendo has released a Special Edition DS Lite that comes with the software Personal Trainer Cooking. Available in lime green, it also includes a floral pouch and has a price of $149.99. A DSi version is also available in Japan. We wonder who came up with the idea as no mother we know digs cooking all that much or lime green.

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Nintendo DSi announced, larger screens, dual cameras, DSi Shop store

Nintendo DSi

Last week we talked about rumors of a new Nintendo DS, and this morning, those rumors proved to be true. CEO Satoru Iwata announced the Nintendo DSi at the company’s Fall presentation over in Japan, calling it a “third platform” for the company (where have we heard that before?). It looks fairly similar the the current DS Lite that we all know and love, but there are a few changes that make this one a worthy upgrade. First, it’s about 12% thinner, as it has given up its GBA slot. The screens are a bit larger, each being 3.25-inches in size. One of the bigger changes, though, is that the DSi features two cameras. You have one 3 megapixel camera on the outside of the unit, as well a front-facing camera on the inside so that you can take images of yourself.

The Nintendo DSi also has an SD card slot along with internal storage. You can save your photos right to the card, then put that card in your to pull it up in the Photo Channel. Nintendo is even launching the DSi Shop, an online destination for purchasing DSi software, similar to the Wii Shop. You use Nintendo Points, and content will be priced at 200, 500, or 800 points. 1000 points will be included with the purchase of the DSi. The unit will come in either white or black for the time being, and goes on sale in Japan on November 1 at ¥18,900 ($178).

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N5 for Nintendo DS & DS Lite

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N5The N5 is an updated version of the R4DS. The second generation storage device supports both Nintendo DS and Lite, needs no booting tool, has a card slot for Micro SD, FAT16 or 32, works by touchscreen or button with auto-detect. It supports rumble pak, memory pak, Moonshell, and has an open I/O interface. Perhaps the best feature is that you can load your cheat codes, not that we agree with that. The 2 x 0.8 x 0.3-inch N5 comes with a TF card reader and application CD and is available for $69.99.

(Thanks, Cassily)

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Going to a Mariner Game? Bring your DS Lite for WiFi Fun

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Nintendo DS at Safeco

If you’re a Seattle Mariner fan with a DS Lite, we are extremely jealous of you. Why? Because for a fee of $5 game (or $30 for 10 games), you can bring your DS to Safeco Field, and enjoy a trial run of the Nintendo Fan Network, with cool WiFi features designed for DS users. Watch a live televised feed of the game, obtain scores and player stats, and even stump your friends with trivia. You can even order food right from your seat! Sounds like immense fun with limitless possibilities for all sports, not just baseball. We really hope the “NFN” catches on—and comes to Yankee Stadium next if anyone’s listening…

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$600 For A Crystal-Coated DS Lite, And It’s Upside-down?!?

DS Lite Swarovski-fied

Don’t get me wrong - if I wanted to spend a chunk of change on some bling, a Swarovski-encrusted DS lite might be towards the top of my list. But for $600 bucks, I want to make sure that everyone can properly view the full glory of my gaming obsession. With this mod? - Not so much. See, when I actually play my DS lite, I usually open the screen. And when I do that, well… that means the folks who are staring at my glorious, sparkling handheld are going to be looking at this crystal mosaic of Nintendo awesomeness upside-down.

Come on guys, even Apple figured this out a few years back when they switched the logo orientation on their laptops… if you’re going to make your product an advertisement, you want to make sure that the people who are looking at it can do so without doing a handstand.

Click the jump for more images of these almost-ridiculously-awesome handhelds.

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Waterfield Designs DS Lite Case

Waterfield DSL Case

We think it’s about time that designers of iPod accessories make way for the Nintendo DS Lite. WaterField Designs has recently unveiled its DSL case, which is crafted from ballistic nylon with a double layer of leather for its flap and a scratch-free interior liner. At a size of 5.75 x 3.5 x 1.25-inches and a weight of only three oz., the case has enough room to hold the unit, ear buds, charger, several games, and an extra stylus. With your choice of black or a patterned design, the Lite pouch is available for $39.00.

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Xbox.com: Buy Your Girlfriend a DS Lite or a Wii

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Girls play Wii!!Xbox.com’s “Gamerchix” section has some suggestions on what and what not to get your girlfriend for christmas. The items at the top of their must-buy lists?
  * Xbox 360 Wireless Headset
  * Microsoft Points
  * Subscription to Xbox Live
  * Gift Certificates to EBGames or GameStop
  * Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel
  * DS Lite
  * Nintendo Wii
  * Candles
  * Spa gift certificates

You read that right - Microsoft thinks your girlfriend would just LOVE one of Nintendo’s fine products this season. Either Microsoft is extending a hand to Nintendo, or this is some brilliant subversive marketing (“See kids, the Wii is for GIRLS!”). And is the “Candles” suggestion right below the Wii a sly reference to the Wii Sensor Bar hacks that we’ve been seeing around? Perhaps I’m just giving them too much credit…

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2006 Holiday Gift Guide: Nintendo DS Lite

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Nintendo DS Lite

The Nintendo DS Lite is all about improving the whole Nintendo DS experience. The original was a bit clunky (although some preferred it’s size) and had a fairly dim screen. Not so with the DS Lite. The new model looks great, featuring the same touchscreen gameplay with 33% less bulk. While you get the same in-game functionality as the original DS, we still think it’s worth the upgrade. Forget the fact that the graphics aren’t on par with the PSP - the Nintendo DS blows it away in terms of the selection of games available in it’s vast library. Add in online gaming through the Nintendo WiFi connection, and this one is a winner.

Price: $129.99 (Compare Prices)