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Earth Day Deal: Planet Earth and Life on Blu-ray for $50

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: HDTV, Hot Deals, Movies, Science

Planet Earth Life Blu-ray sale

Earth Day 2010 is here, and the Discovery Channel Store has an amazing deal that we had to let you in on to celebrate the occasion—you can get both the Planet Earth series and the Life series as a Blu-ray set for $50. Shipping is $4, so for $54 total, you get both documentary series on Blu-ray, which would normally cost $169.90 in total. It’s basically a steal, the visuals are jaw-dropping, and it’s a bit more Earth Day-ish than Avatar.

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Sharkrunners Game Tracks Great Whites

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Internet, Science, Video Games


In honor of the Discovery Channel’s 20th Anniversary of Shark Week, area/code has designed Sharkrunners. Running into one of the creatures corresponds to a real one’s whereabouts and movements since the game is based on real world telemetry data from actual great whites. Gamers choose a team and control their ships, and are contacted by e-mail or SMS when one is spotted. GPS units attached to the sharks allows observation only. No tossing chum and/or destroying the fish is permitted. Sharkrunners was designed for purely educational and entertainment purposes only. We think this is a pleasant diversion, but wish they had embedded the theme from Jaws whenever one is spotted.

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