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Vizio Co-Star Google TV set-top-box features OnLive gaming for $99 in July

Vizio Co-Star

Vizio has announced the Co-Star, its Google TV set-top-box that sets itself apart with two key bulletpoints:

  1. The Co-Star comes with OnLive steaming gaming built-in as an app. Just launch the app, and as long as you have decent broadband, you can play a ton of video games.
  2. Price: Vizio has priced the Co-Star at just $99. That matches it up nicely with higher-end Roku boxes and the Apple TV, and is half the cost of competing Google TV boxes that don't offer OnLive gaming out of the box.

Google TV has certainly had a rough time getting off the ground, and the Co-Star may be the product that offers it the boost that it needs, although we highly doubt it. If you're interested, Vizio starts taking Co-Star preorders next month.

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Spaced Remake Snubs Creators

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SpacedFor fans of the original series - some of us still finding it hard to accept that there will never be a third season - the announcement that an American remake of Spaced was on the way probably didn’t raise cheers of joy. 

In fact, it’s always been assumed that Granada (as it will be called) would be Americanized and Hollywoodized beyond recognition from the original genius upon which it’s based, which makes this latest piece of news all the more infuriating.

Wonderland and Warner Brothers, more specifically McG, have apparently cut , Jessica (Stevenson) Hynes, and show’s director Edgar Wright out of any participation with the show, crossing lines from avoidance to clear expression that their creative input is undesired.  A foolish gesture considering Pegg and Wright’s phenomenal American success with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, and morally just all sorts of wrong.

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Whoopi Goldberg Addresses Former Co-Star Patrick Swayze

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Daytime, Talk Shows, ABC, Video,

On today’s episode of The View, host took time out to talk about her friend Patrick Swayze.  (It was recently announced that the Ghost star was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.)

She revealed that her memorable role in the weeper was primarily due to her former co-star’s influence.  Had Swayze not influenced director Jerry Zucker to cast Goldberg, she would not have received her 1991 win for Best Supporting Actress.