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Unboxing Live 133: Loot Crate Console Wars giveaway

In this episode, Taylor and Andru Edwards open up the Loot Crate Console Wars box, giving you a look at all the great, geeky goodness inside. We each also give you our top 3 favorite items in the box, and also let you know how you can win this Loot Crate in our giveaway! Yep, you get a shot at winning all of this:

  • Console Wars II - Shirt Woot
  • Grip-It Control Protectors - Grip-It
  • Tintastic Creative Activity Set - Funko
  • Energems - NRG Innovations
  • Bravest Wars Sticker - Mike Vasquez
  • Split Personality Wristband - Loot Crate Labs
  • Legends Never Die Magnet - Loot Crate Labs

You can get yourself a Loot Crate now, and we'll save you a few dollars with that link!

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Giveaway: Loot Crate Console Wars box!

Loot Crate console wars giveaway

If you love tech and geeky goodness and haven't heard of Loot Crate, where have you been?! We are big fans of the subscription box, which delivers a bunch of cool, geeky gear and nerdy swag that happens to fit our lifestyle perfectly. Each box contains 6-8 new items, all within a common theme, kept secret until they're delivered. The theme we are giving away this time is CONSOLE WARS. What's in the box? Take a look:

  • Console Wars II - Shirt Woot
  • Grip-It Control Protectors - Grip-It
  • Tintastic Creative Activity Set - Funko
  • Energems - NRG Innovations
  • Bravest Wars Sticker - Mike Vasquez
  • Split Personality Wristband - Loot Crate Labs
  • Legends Never Die Magnet - Loot Crate Labs
  • Shirt Woot coupon
  • Energems coupon
  • A candy cane

Cool, right? Ready to enter? Simply use the widget below to keep track of your entries! If you're a Gear Live Patreon backer at any level, you get an extra 25 entries in this giveaway! We've got a lot of ways for you to enter even if you aren't, but don't check off any that you don't actually perform. If you do, you'll be eliminated:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh, and if you wanna get in on all this awesomeness, use this link to get $3 off a Loot Crate subscription!

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Nintendo Wii is the Fastest Selling Console of All Time

Posted by John Kilhefner Categories: Corporate News, Hardware, Nintendo, Wii,

Black Wii

proudly announced yesterday that their Wii console has earned its place in history as the fastest selling home console ever to grace the market with an amazing 30 million units sold. This should come as no surprise as the Wii has dominated both the immensely popular Xbox 360 and PS3 almost every single month since its release. Thanks are primarily due to the casual aura surrounding the Wii, promising accessibility to both children and adults.

The Nintendo Wii’s influence can even be seen in the recent motion technology developments that both Sony and Microsoft are unleashing on retail later this year. With Wii’s innovation, there would be no or Playstation Move. It seems that Sony and Microsoft want to ride this cash cow all the way to the bank in similar fashion to the way filmmakers are riding the 3D wave.

Also, the top ten best selling Wii games were announced, and the list comes with a bit of a surprise. Topping out at the tenth best selling game is the beloved Legend of Zelda hero, Link, in the form of Link’s Crossbow Training, instead of his own full length game, Twilight Princess. Either way, congratulations are in order for Nintendo. Perhaps a round of Mario Party? Full game list after the break.

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The Console Wars Veteran I gaming medal

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Accessories, Culture, Nintendo,

Console Wars MedalsOnly a hardcore gamer knows the unique sense of accomplishment felt after reaching “100% completion” on a video game. But when you brag about it, you’re likely to get the response “So whaddya want, a medal?” Well, now you can actually have your own gaming medal, courtesy of Supermandolini. The limited edition Console Wars Veteran I medal honors “the memories of endless epic battles, infinite high scores and numerous blistered fingers.” The metal badge features a retro NES controller, but we’re hoping other consoles will get the medal treatment soon, as we’d love a SNES version. Available for approx. $27 USD.

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Moore Believes Xbox 360 Ahead Of Projections

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Xbox 360,

Peter Moore Microsoft has continually stated that they expected to ship 10 million Xbox 360 consoles worldwide by the end of the year. Now, it looks like Microsoft will beat that estimate, according to Microsoft Vice President Peter Moore. Moore cites stronger than expected sales through the Thanksgiving holiday, probably in part due to Sony’s complete inability to meet their shipment targets. A fair amount of pent-up demand for the Playstation 3 has probably shifted to the Xbox 360, given the difficulty in finding any consoles for sale for the average person. Gears of War also probably contributed to the gains, particularly given the excellent reviews the title has received.

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Reggie Fils-Aime Profiled

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Wii,

Reggie The Seattle Times has a lengthy profile of Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime and the turnaround that he is engineering at the company. Part of the profile is focused on the swagger that Fils-Aime seems to be bringing back to the company and its fanboys. Which Nintendo’s presence and influence in the videogame industry had been on the wane, their approach with their new products like the DS and the Wii appears to be turning this around.

Fils-Aime has helped Nintendo become more aggressive in the market, and part of this has been due to Reggie’s attitude and discipline, as detailed in the article. While a good part of the profile is aimed at Nintendo’s attempts to recapture and grow the video game market with the DS and the Wii, there are a number of insights into Fils-Aime’s background that led him to succeed at Nintendo of America. The next year should be an interesting one as Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony battle in the next generation of gaming.

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Assassin’s Creed’s PS3, Xbox 360 Differences

Assassin's Creed

Ubisoft Montreal recently previewed the Xbox 360 version of Assassin’s Creed for IGN recently, and while the games are “virtually identical” on the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360, there are a couple of differences that have the Internet buzzing. In almost a throw-away line after discussing the control schemes and detailed animations of the game, Jade Raymond, when detailing some of the changes gamers will see in the Xbox 360 version, claimed that the focus was on achievements, plus “the hardware also allows for improved threading, which will improve even further the crowd AI.” Without further details, it is hard to make a real conclusion about what this means, even within the context of the game. Having better crowd AI would certainly seem to improve a gamer’s interaction with the game world, but doesn’t seem like something that would be a deal breaker in terms of platform support. But it does seem to highlight that there will be differences in the game experiences gamers will get on the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 above and beyond the look and the sounds of the game. It will be interesting to see how the base architectures of the machines will change gameplay for each console.

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