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A pouch for the paranoid: cellphone blocker

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brando black hole bag

Brando is now offering the Black Hole phone bag, a pouch for your phone with two pockets. One of the pockets is ‘normal’ and just carries your phone, but the other pocket features a cell blocking material which essentially turns it into a Faraday cage. Slipping your precious mobile into this special pocket blocks all incoming and outgoing cell signals. It seems like a strange solution when simply turning off the phone offers the same functionality without the $12 price tag, but somehow we suspect that that may not be enough for the ultra-paranoid among us.

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DIY Solar Power Bag

DIY Solar Bag

We have been showing you Solar Totes all summer, but if you assume you can do them one better at half the cost, you would probably be right. A 2-part instructional article is available to help you achieve your goal. It only takes a basic bag, a solar panel which costs about $57.00, solder, double sided tape, vinyl tape, about 1 m two-wire cable, and textile glue. The site talk2myShirt is very explicit, yet simplified in its directions and would love some feedback if you create one with their instructions. They also give tips about using your new bag and mention that they utilized theirs to recharge a complete empty iPod G5 in approximately 6 hours.


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The Tom Bihn Ego Debuts

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Tom Bihn Ego

Tom Bihn has long made Gear Live’s favorite bags, be it messenger, backpack, or briefcase. Today they have improved their line by adding the Ego, a mid sized messenger bag/brief case that offers the features of the Super Ego with a smaller size similar to the ID. The Super Ego has been a best of breed bag for quite some time offering tons of pockets, sturdy construction, and stylish looks - but it’s been too big for some people looking to carry just a laptop and a few essentials. The Ego fills that void by taking the Super Ego and shrinking it by about 30% into a more manageable size.

The Ego is priced at $130 (a steal considering the build quality and protection it affords), which is slightly cheaper than it’s big brother the $140 Super Ego. Our initial impressions from dropping by Tom Bihn factory are very positive and they were kind enough to provide us with a review unit so we will be posting one of our in depth reviews in the next couple of weeks.

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