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Wednesday July 6, 2005 5:13 pm

Tom Bihn Brain Cell Review

Brain Cell Review

Tom Bihn constructs some very unique and functional bags. We recently got the opportunity to try out a couple of them, and the results are in. The first bag we are going to talk about it the Brain Cell laptop bag. If you have a notebook, it is essential that you have a way to carry it while keeping it protected. How does the Brain Cell meet the challenge? Find out after the jump.


The Tom Bihn Brain Cell is simply a laptop case/sleeve. Think of it as a bag that hugs your laptop in a snug manner, surrounding it with protective padding. While it sounds like it isn’t much, the fact is that this bag is really so much more than it really seems. All of the Brain Cell Bag’s have great, vibrant colors. Mine was a deep crimson red that I absolutely loved until my wife told me that it looked like I was holding a miniature Domino’s pizza delivery bag. Now, instead of an absolute love, it’s more of a high school-like puppy love. The bag has a couple of handles at the top for easy portability, and a pocket that is as wide as the bag at the front.

Holding the bag in your hands, you will immediately get a sense of security when you realize that there is both padding and a tough plastic shell integrated into the unit. Most notebook sleeves incorporate one or the other – this one has both.


The Brain Cell I reviewed was a perfect fit for the 12” Apple PowerBook G4 that I rock. In the pocket I am able to fit the PowerBook’s power adapter, and a PSP or Nintendo DS if I want something else to do while on the go. One thing to note is that the pocket does not offer the same protection that the compartment that the laptop rests in, as it is just a thin piece of material.

Now, one thing to note is that on the Tom Bihn website, you can calculate which size Brain Cell you will need according to the laptop that you own. The 12” PowerBook was a match for the size 5 Brain Cell.

Now, aside from the protection it offers, I am really happy about how portable this thing is. While it can look a bit bulky if you have too much in the front pocket, that is more of an annoyance than anything else. The handles give it great portability, and there are a couple of metal loops that you can use to attach a shoulder strap if you prefer to go hands-free. Even better, the Brain Cell is built in a way that allows you to insert it into a larger Tom Bihn bag – I used the Empire Bag, which we will have a review for in just a few days. This offers a double layer of protection, and it is great to be able to insert the PowerBook, housed in the Brain Cell, onto another bag which has a dedicated area for it.


Tom Bihn Brain Cell Review Score The Brain Cell feels as light as a feather, yet offers top-notch protection for notebook computers. The folks at Tom Bihn did their homework, and it really shows. It is offered in a great selection of colors, and looks great being carried. If you just need your notebook, your accessories can be placed in the front pocket and you will have everything you need in a sleek space. If you have a need for more gear, grab this along with a larger Tom Bihn bag, and you will still be left with only one thing to carry since it intelligently integrates right into the rest of their product line.

More Information:

Product: Brain Cell Bag
Pricing: $50 USD (Compare Prices)
Company: Tom Bihn


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