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Nook Color will allow authors to autograph e-books with a stylus

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nook color autograph

Famous authors won't lose the ability to autograph their books in the digital age if Barnes & Noble has anything to say about it. With a firmware upgrade, the Nook Color will reportedly allow authors to sign their books with a stylus. The first "e-book signing" is scheduled for next week.

Authors will need to put their Sharpies down, and instead use a stylus to sign a book directly on the Nook Color's touchscreen, and the e-reader will store the signature on that digital copy of the book. Presumably, the signature would be visible to anyone who reads it, even friends who borrow the book on the Nook platform, essentially converting bragging rights to digital form.

Yesterday the Nook Color received a major software upgrade—adding apps, an email client, and Adobe Flash compatibility—but the new autograph feature appears to be separate from that. A company called Autography has patented software for writing autographs on e-books, but it's not known whether the Nook feature uses that technique or something different.

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Taylor Swift Surprised by Fan’s Devotion

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Taylor Swift was horrified when a 40-year-old fan had her autograph tattooed on her stomach.

The 19-year-old singer initially thought the middle-aged woman was joking when she told her about the plan, and couldn’t believe it when she returned with the inking etched on her skin.

“I was signing autographs one time when this woman asked, ‘Can you sign my stomach? I’m going to get it tattooed on!’ I was like, ‘Yeah, alright. Sure.’ I signed it really big across her stomach. She came back an hour later with it tattooed on. I’m not kidding. And she was in her 40s, so old enough to know better. That’s dedication though!” Swift said.

Taylor is still adjusting to her fans pestering her for autographs, as she wasn’t always so admired when she was growing up. “I wasn’t really popular at high school. I’ve never really been sought-after by guys, but I don’t wallow in it. It’s my comfort zone, being single,” she revealed. “I feel that a lot happens to you when you’re not looking for it so I’m not actively looking for a boyfriend.”

Live Autographs Get a Celeb to Do You a Favor

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Tricia HelferA new start-up is promoting personalized video messages from your fave celeb. At Live Autographs you tell him/her what you would like to ask or say to another as a gift. You receive a video, autographed memorabilia verified by a security-encrypted barcode and a free video download. Prices start at $149 from participants like William Shatner, Dave Navarro, Hulk Hogan, Tricia Helfer and many of the cast of “Lost.” You had better be quick about it though, as they reach a certain limit and sell out. We think Captain Kirk is the first casualty as we tested the system and were denied his services.

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