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Hydorgen Fuel Cell Toy CarWhat to get for your budding engineer offspring?  How about a hydrogen fuel cell toy car?  Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies has patented a toy car with its own hydrogen fuel cell and requisite hydrogen fueling station.  The fueling station uses solar energy to power the process of producing hydrogen from water via electrolysis and is complete with flashing blue LEDs (to excite the young scientist of course).  From there the hydrogen can be transfered to the car’s fuel cell for powering its electric motor.  Since the amount of hydrogen used is rather small, the process is quite safe and is an interesting look at where the future of automotive power may lay.

Not currently available, the toy car is rumored to be priced at $80 when released.  One thing that’s interesting to note is that per Horizon’s brochure, the fueling station is listed as being sold seperately.  That seems a bit odd for something fairly pivotal to the whole concept.

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Zero GravityPossibly invested with the same technology built into annoying children, the Zero Gravity Wall Climber may not be able to make you climb walls, but it sure can.  Simply drive towards an unoffending wall and as the front wheels start to pull the vehicle up the vertical surface and past 45 degrees, fans in the vehicle’s base will come on allowing it to suction itself right onto the wall.  A flexible skirt around the bottom helps the Zero Gravity to maintain a positive seal, and a full function remote control enable it to zip around in any direction.  Wall mouldings are obviously a bit bothersome to the Zero Gravity as it requires a smooth surface, but a slight incline will help mitigate the offending bumpy parts and easily solve the problem.  Before you get started though, you should consider removing any important paintings/pictures from the wall before you go tearing across it.

Available for $60 USD just about everywhere.

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Toliet Paper Cannon

First spud guns, and now the Toilet Paper Cannon.  Essentially a glorified spud gun, the homemade contraption launches rolls of toilet paper gracefully through the air.  Unlike potatoes, rolls of toilet paper have this rather inconvenient hole (well, inconvenient for use as a projectile anyway) right through their centers.  This necessitates the use of wadding to ensure successful launches, but should not in any way impede your participation in TP’ing your neighbors house.  Not that we would condone such a thoughtless act.  Nope, not us . . . uh-uh, no way . . . well . . . just don’t get caught okay?

Plans are available for approximately $10 USD.

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iPawWhile never having experienced the phenomenon myself, I hear that dogs like to get a hold of miscellaneous items with the intent to chew them to shreds. Of course, this would be particularly bad if Fido grabbed hold of an expensive gadget.  Now, replace your iPod with an iPaw, and the internal squeaky toy keeps your dog at bay for hours on end (we would imagine.) The “device” features a tiny dog print where the click-wheel might be, and a gray (silver) back with a larger paw print. The iPaw is about 5-inches tall, and retails for $10.50.

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Star Wars Battleship

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Star Wars BattleshipBattleship - the classic game that has been re-rolled into countless variations, and spawned way too many imitators to count.  Another version has now arrived to satisfy the inner cravings of the legions of Star Wars fans…Star Wars Battleship (how do they come up with these truly inspired names?).  It follows the same vein of thought as previous versions of electronic Battleship in that it allows for 1 or 2 players, has different game modes, and of course, it talks.  No longer will the screams of “You sank my battleship!” be heard throughout the house.  No, should you take the plunge, the new battle cry will become “You sank my Mon Calamari Cruiser!”. The pleasure will cost you $60 USD.

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Crayola ElectronicsGPX, maker of electronic items that are cheap, disposable, and usually not worth their weight in peanuts

of fine quality, has been contracted by Crayola (yes, the crayon people) to produce a series of audio/video products carrying the Crayola brand.  The product line includes a 13” TV/DVD combo, an MP3 player, CD boombox with Illustration Station, a pocket radio, calculator, and a clock radio with a color-changing night light to soothe your inner beast (plus a voice-recordable alarm).  Although crayons are the first thing that comes to mind when the name Crayola pops up, a representative for Crayola is quoted as saying that “Today(s) customers equate the brand with color, fun, quality and self-expression”.  The new products certainly are colorful, and given that they will coincide with the back-to-school period later this year, they’re sure to be popular with their target audience.

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OtoizmThere are times I wish I was a Japanese brain just so I can see how I would come up with these types of ideas.  The title of this entry says it all - a yo-yo, tamagotchi-type pet, and a music player rolled into one.

Not only does it grow by listening to your music, but it memorizes phrases and composes tunes that you can listen to.

It’s even compatible with other Otoizms.  When connected they dance with each other.  Otoizm was displayed at Toy Forum 2006 in Tokyo and will retail for about $29.

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iattireWe really thought we’d seen just about everything - we were wrong.  We came across iAttire, a company devoted to outfitting…your iPod.  Their selection ranges from the feminine to the masculine, from the cute to the absurd, and there’s a costume to fit any iPod - even the Shuffle and Nano.  These aren’t the silicone wetsuits you’re used to - these are actual, honest-to-goodness costumes for the iPod, including a whole line of “Valentines Day” themed outfits like a chiffon negligee, boxer shorts, or even a corset. 

The rest of the line covers just about every fashion you’d think to, er, dress your iPod in, from Pop Diva to Fairy Princess.  And for the boys (is your iPod a boy or a girl?) there are a variety of manly disguises, like the Pirate, Cowboy and even Santa Claus - and here we were, thinking the iPod madness couldn’t get any crazier.  We’ll give points for creativity and good fit, however, who’d have thought to make iPod costumes?!

The best part?  They’re planning on releasing a series of iPod Portraits painted on velvet.  Oh, the cheese of it! While my iPod is perfectly happy lounging about naked (that perverted iPod!), we’ve got to admit, iAttire has a great idea - it sure brought a smile to our faces.

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Snackshotz Pellet GunHere’s something for doggie lovers around the world.  Snackshotz Pellet Gun is a plastic pistol that fires disc-shaped treats up to 12 feet away.  The idea behind this product is to help your lazy dogs get their exercise in a fun way for both of you.  I suppose the ever increasing obesity problem in canines sparked the concept.  The dog is supposed to react to the sound of the trigger, triggering his need to find the disc treat.  Comes in beef, chicken, MightyMint flavors.  The site features a funny video of a fat bulldog chasing a few of these in someone’s apartment. 

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Sega iFish

We love insanely odd gadgets from the Orient. Today, Sega’s iFish has caught our attention. The iFish is basically a toy fish that “swims” across your desk on two wheels. It plays 50 “healing” sounds (read: nature, oceans) and reacts to movement with light effects built into it’s head. Hook it up to a music source, and the iFish will move and groove to the beat, similar to the way the iDog does it’s thing. If you want to import, check out Brando where you can pick one up for $64.90 USD. The iFish hits stores in Japan later this month.

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