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miniStackNewer Technology has unveiled its most recent storage behemoth, the 500 GB miniStack.  The miniStack line of hard drives, in addition to being an aesthetically perfect match for the tiny Mac, are a good solution for anyone struggling within the Mac mini’s internal storage constraints. As far as ease of connectivity, the unit feature 3 USB 2.0 and 1 Firewire port and powers up and down along with the rest of your system.  Though 500GB might seem like overkill to some, it’s perfect for those working in video or other multimedia – an area where Macs still offer the best solutions.

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iDuo iPod DockAtech Flash Technology has announced the iDuo, a nifty little unit that combines a USB 2.0 iPod dock, and a flash memory reader for your Mac or PC. The $59.95 iDuo features support for CF, MMM, xD, SM, MMS, SD, and all Sony Memory Stick formats. The iDuo also features a line out and s-Video out for anyone looking to hook their iPod or iPod color into their stereo system.

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iSkin ProTouch

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iSkin ProtouchToday I discovered what might possibly be the most simple yet effective keyboard protectors for the Apple PowerBook: the iSkin ProTouch PB. The ProTouch is a thin silicone overlay for the keyboard on the PowerBook making it resistant to spills, and keeping crumbs, flakes of dead skin, and all sorts of other nasty things out of your keyboard. The ProTouch is available in multiple colors although I suspect most proud PowerBook owners would much rather go for the frosted white version. The ProTouch is washable and easily removable for when the oils in your skin start to build up. The website promises that it’s easy to install and remove and provides immense protection for both your keyboard and screen while softening your keystrokes - it almost makes me wonder if it might help reduce the strain on my fingers from typing all day.

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Target iPod CaseAlthough not available until the end of the month, Target is now taking preorders for their own logo-branded iPod case.  The design, called “Cosmic Flowers,”  features the Target logo in the midst of a black and white floral pattern.  Made of heat-sealed PVC, the case also includes screen protection, a Target-red wrist strap, and a lobster clamp.  This should be great news for all of us who have been dying for a chance to offer free advertising to Target while keeping our iPod scratch-free.

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DescriptionVaja, the makers of some of the coolest leather cases for phones, laptops, and MP3 players just announced their newest leather iPod case. The AP96 comes in metal studded black leather with that oh-so-fetish feel. Perfect for listening to some tunes while strolling through your local S&M club. Am I wrong to want one of these?

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JVC Wooden HeadphonesThe audiophile in me is drooling whenever I view these.  After the fiasco at the pharmacy yesterday, where i was forced to buy under my taste level, this is exactly what im looking for while never knowing it.  Wood is easily one of the best materials to have resonating sound.  These puppies are quite nice to look at too.  There are only two things to fear: the $1000 price tag and woodpeckers.

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Cellular SquirrelIf your cell phone is constantly ringing and you find yourself ending an important conversation abruptly, only to switch to a less important one, the Cellular Squirrel may be for you.  The cute little animatronic squirrel was developed by MIT’s own Stefan Marti as a dissertation project and when it picks up an incoming call, it begins a conversation with the caller and compares the caller’s voice, your contact list, and keywords from it’s conversation with the incoming call with your current conversation and decides if the new call is important enough to pull you away from you current conversation.

This embodiment is able to use the same subtle but still public non-verbal cues to get our attention and interrupt us like humans would do (like eye gaze and small gestures), instead of ringing or vibration. The user can whisper and listen to her squirrel, receiving and replying to voice instant messages. If the user wishes, she can also bypass the Intermediary altogether and get into a synchronous voice communication with the caller by simply talking to the embodiment.

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DescriptionIf you are jonesin’ for the days of those old dumbell handsets from rotary, and later touch-tone phones, Phobile is here to take you back in style. All this thing does is connect to your cell phone, allowing you to chat it up by holding up one of those old-school dumbells to your head. Honestly now, is there anyone who doesn’t want this thing?

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Energizer Quick SwitchSo there I was getting some headphone at my local pharmacy, which is a definite no-no for the audiophile in me - but i had no choice, when I spot something that intrigued me: a flashlight.  Why is this flashlight different? Well, this flashlight can use 3 kinds of batteries: C, D, and AA.  Not only that, but when one pair dies out you can easily just flip a switch and be using the next set.  There’s no need to even fiddle around in your closet to find an old boom box that may contain 4 or 5 dead C batteries.  Just awesomely practical.

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Belkin Flip KVMBelkin just introduced a great little product: the Belkin Flip. It’s a mostly run of the mill KVM switcher to enable you to use two computers with a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor - but with excellent industrial design. It’s sized to fit underneath a Mac Mini to enable people with an existing computer to buy a mini and hook it into their existing setup. It seems well designed in that the Flip requires no power, and needs no additional cables - it does everything it needs to do right out of the box, and all in a swank little form factor.

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