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Tuesday February 22, 2005 1:37 pm

TiVo Adds 802.11g Support to Series2

DescriptionMany, many people have been waiting for TiVo to add support for 802.11g wireless adapters ever since the technology became available. With the recent release of TiVo To Go, the need grew. After all, transferring large files at 802.11b speeds sucks - especially when you have a G network ready to do the work at five times the pace. Well, don’t expect much from the upgrade. While TiVo now supports a couple of 802.11g adapters, using them won’t increase the speed of the file transfer. Does this make any sense? Way to go, TiVo, for screwing up yet another strategy. To top it off, you need to have the latest TiVo 7.1 software. That means that if you have a TiVo-DVD Player/Burner combo (that’s me), or a Series1 box - you’re out of luck! At least you can now get an adapter, and change your network from mixed to G-only. That counts for something, right?

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I loved the idea of Tivo back when it first started.  I swore that I’d buy one when the price dropped, but not now.  Not with them adding ads into the device.

i need a tivo. wireless tivo, now that’s snazzy.

I still love tivo, but they really need to sit back and think about what they are doing before releasing add-ons like this.  90% of their members are total geeks, and ask total geeks things such as increased throughput make us happy.  Damnit tivo…take care of your customers; Make us happy!

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