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Monday November 19, 2012 8:34 pm

Siri and Apple Maps Expected in OS X 10.9

Posted by Jason Diaz Categories: Apple, Rumors, Software

Siri for OS X 10.9

Siri and Apple Maps could come in the OS X 10.9. 9to5Mac is reporting that early builds of OS X 10.9, which was in development alongside OS X 10.8, include the iOS artificial intelligence agent, otherwise known as Siri, and Apple's take on maps as well. All this is according to their reliable sources, who shall remain nameless.

Siri OS X 10.9 (2)

The report further states that it is not sure if these two features will be dependent on new hardware. Hopefully not since, technically, the current Mac models and past models from when Apple switched Intel could in theory run both programs without breaking a sweat. More than likely, Macs that are able to run voice dictation included in Mountain Lion will get the Siri integration, and older Macs will be excluded. They will, perhaps, still all get the new maps if a Mac is able to update to 10.9. There's precedence for this methodical roll out: when the iPad third generation initially launched, it only included voice dictation. Then, eight months later, Apple added Siri when iOS 6 launched. Likewise, older iOS devices like the iPad 2 didn't get Siri but did get Apple Maps. Currently Siri is still in beta and one could make a good case that Apple maps is as well. In other words, take your time guys.

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