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Thursday October 15, 2009 2:47 pm

Vioguard Keyboard is self-sanitzing

Posted by Mark Rollins Categories: PC / Laptop, Peripherals

Vioguard Keyboard is self-sanitzing

Take a look at the Vioguard self-sanitizing keyboard, a fantastic device for those of you with Monk-like OCD. 

It begins when the user waves his or her hands before the unit, and the keyboard appears. There is no button to push, because it assumes that your hands are pretty much contaminated. The user can then type on the keyboard, and once he or she leaves, the keyboard will retract automatically in order to bathe the contaminated keyboard in ultraviolet light. 

Of course, good health costs money, and this one is about $899.  I suppose hospitals would probably be willing to spend that much for it, but an ordinary business?  Probably not.

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