On Gear Live: iPhone 6 Plus: 5.5-inch Retina HD display, optical image stabilization, bigger battery for $299

Tuesday December 23, 2008 11:35 pm

iPhone nano cases go on sale - A sign of things to come?

iPhone nano case

. Get ready for the iPhone hype to start again, if the case design by Xskn is to be believed. Oh, wait, did we say design? We meant the iPhone nano case that Xskn started selling today. If you are unfamiliar with XSKN, they are the company that Steve Jobs referred to earlier this year during a keynote, where he mentioned that some manufacturers leak things before the company gets to announce them. Back then it was their case, and it was dead on. With MacWorld 2009 just around the corner, could we be introduced to a new, smaller, and cheaper iPhone? Time will tell.

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A iPhone Nano Would be awesome..But the question is it going to have as good as graphics as the iPhone 3g? If not iw ont even think about getting it. Im guessing these will go on Sale for $150 with like 1 month of free service or something. BTW i got the PlayStation 3. You guys should do a review and Unboxing of the PS3..Also can you guys do a review of Call Of Duty 5 World at War for PlayStation 3. I have that game and its awesome. I would just like to see your guys review!!

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