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Monday November 10, 2008 11:10 pm

BTKeyMini Bluetooth Keyboard Works With iPhone

btkeymini bluetooth keyboard

If you’re like me and have grand plans of typing up whatever comes to mind on your iPhone, but those giant fingers make it really awkward, you’re thrilled with the idea of a keyboard that allows you to strike real keys. The BTKeyMini is now available on pre-order from AValive for $92. The device has a cover that doubles as a holder for your iPhone and operates on its own battery; it’s designed to be folded up and carried in your bag – you know, the duffel you keep all of your iPhone gear in…

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This looks pretty shady.  One photo, no data such as battery life, or even filled-out information tabs along the bottom.  Sounds like a scam to me.

Following the “via” links back four levels deep shows us an Inquirer post:


It’s far more skeptical about the whole thing.  If the iPhone supported a Bluetooth keyboard, why wouldn’t it support the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard?

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