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Thursday September 6, 2007 11:02 am

Wheelchair Moves by Thoughts

Ambient Wheelchair

Ambient has created a wheelchair that runs on its passenger’s thoughts. It does this with the help of Audeo, a system that catches signals in the larynx from the brain on their way to the voice box. They are then sent to a computer which decodes them and matches them up to pre-recorded words that moves the chair in the specified direction. The company feels that the technology could also work to help those who cannot speak by relaying the messages to a synthesizer. Kudos to Ambient for believing that “everyone should be able to express their thought and ideas.”


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That is amazing. I wonder when these will be out on the market.

Paul Lambert Paul Lambert 9/18/13 1:48 am

This is a nice innovation and technology that many disabled people can benefit. Keep it up!

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