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Monday February 4, 2008 11:52 am

Unboxing: eneloops Are Awesome!

eneloopsThe results are in. If you want some decent rechargeable batteries, Sanyo’s eneloops are the way to go. We do a lot of Flipvideoing and lately have been doing some extensive audio interviews, so it came down to purchasing a gazillion batteries from our local dollar store or finding some decent rechargeables that would last more than 12 hours.

While we found plenty of them for very little bucks, we learned a long time ago not to rely on any name in electronics that was unfamiliar. That being said, on a budget less than $39.95 we had our choice of Sony or the eneloops. Since Sony doesn’t have the greatest track record for batteries, we decided to test drive the latter, which comes with four AAs. Full details after the jump.


eneloops do have a full charge when you receive them. We plopped them right in and have used them extensively the last few of weeks. We used two for our Flipvideo for a concert as well as last month’s NAIAS and they just keep going.

eneloops in Cassette PlayerThe same is also true of our small voice recorder, which runs through batteries like crazy. We have done 2 phone interviews, which totaled about 45 minutes each. The phone needed recharging, but not the eneloops. With that being said, these batteries can obviously do the job and set us back about $25.00 with shipping charges from Amazon, a lot less than any other electronics store.  We can’t wait until they put them out for cell phones.


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