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Tuesday August 7, 2007 3:35 pm

Tied the Leader Charity Raises Money For War Vets

Posted by Chris Pereira Categories: Internet, Video Games

Tied the Leader Foundation

Tied the Leader is a gaming community that’s existed for nearly two years, and is founded on the premise of honorable conduct and fair play. The group also has a charity branch, known as the Tied the Leader Foundation.  Just recently, they announced their first donation to Azalea Charities, which supports wounded war veterans. The Tied the Leader Foundation raised $500 in seven months of planned events, donations, and revenue from merchandise.

“The Tied the Leader Foundation was created to give back to those from whose culture we borrow so very frequently. It’s a means of offering our humblest thanks to the people that make the safety of our couches their personal responsibility,” said Tied the Leader’s David Dague. “We seek not to make a statement about the virtue of war – or the ones currently being fought. Instead, we seek to recognize the sacrifice of the people who march when the order is given, and to help them when they fall.”

For more information on the Tied the Leader Foundation’s mission or Azalea Charities, click here or here, respectively.

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