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Wednesday September 26, 2007 1:21 am

Apple Slaps Unlocked iPhone Users on the Wrist

Broken AppleApple has announced that its new update will kill unlocked iPhones. Last week, Steve Jobs cried foul as he said that the warranty would be voided, which we are pretty sure most hackers, such as George Hotz, knew about when they performed the operation. Of course, the obvious solution here is to skip the update, but then those users will not get WiFi Tunes. Perhaps Apple should think of this as a quiet demonstration of folks who want to save a bit of cash rather than a direct attack on AT&T. Think amnesty, Apple.

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I don’t think Apple is directly attacking SIM unlocked phones, but much more not putting effort into making their new firmware work with non-standard OS images.

Anyone who has SIM unlocked their phone can use the below site to re-lock their phone if they have changed their minds and want to upgrade to future iPhone software versions:


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