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Tuesday April 7, 2009 11:28 pm

Confirmed: Twitter officially coming to OnStar

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After speaking with an rep, we can now undoubtedly tell you that Twitter is most definitely coming to GM’s OnStar service. I was actually featured in a piece here on Seattle’s KING 5 News, where I talked a bit about the features that OnStar is saying will be available. On the flip-side, they also talk to a Washington State Patrol officer, who says that even though this would be a hands-free activity, it is just one more thing that is taking your mind off of driving.

OnStar didn’t give us a timeframe for when the Twitter integration would launch, but hey, at least now you know that our original Twitter on OnStar article wasn’t an April Fools joke…although, Trooper Brandon Lee’s bow tie very well might be.

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I guess it’s a little bit of everything. It’s cool, it’s definitely got some dangerous value, and truly, is it necessary? I like the usefulness of the idea, but I do believe it will be another distraction for drivers who are already fairly distracted anyway.

For some reason I hate twitter and all the hype that comes with it really bothers me.

Next we will hear about people wrecking their OnStar vehicle because they were checking their friends latest twitter or something.

Even the media is pushing twitter.  I guess it is alright & is a different networking tool, but I just dont get it.

I probably never will get twitter :(

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I am Kameya Shows from the OnStar Communications team.  From your previous post, I know that as an OnStar subscriber you were sent a survey asking for your feedback about an OnStar Hands-Free Calling text integration concept.  I DMed you last week so that I could clarify.

Not sure who you talked to from OnStar, but the official word from OnStar VP of Service Line Management, Steve Schwinke, is that OnStar has not engaged any other companies or third-parties to actually bring the concept to life.

I would be happy to setup a conference call with Steve so you two can talk more about it. Also, if you are ever in the Detroit area you are welcome to come visit us in-person.  Please let me know if you are interested/available for either of the options.

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