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Friday May 30, 2008 2:07 pm

USB Storage Carousel for CD/DVDs

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech, Movies, Music, USB

Storage CarouselWhat to do with all those piled up CDs and DVDs? The USB Storage Carousel for CD/DVDs may be the answer. Holding up to 150 discs, connect the device to your computer and manage the database with included software. You can also use it as a standalone by inputting the slot number on a keypad and pressing enter. A lock and keys are included with the 15 x 15 x 8-inch Carousel, and you can stack up to five of them if you can afford the $129.99 price x 5.

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This is a neat gadget!  I would rather spend my $130 on something else though.  If this were cheap then it would be worth buying.  I’ll just stick to the old school way of keeping my CDs/DVDs organized and putting them in CD Covers/DVD cases.

nice but would rather buy a portable hd in storing data 130$  can get me around 500gig of storage

I have seen these around before, but not for USB. The main problem, is once you have put the disks in, what do you do with the jewel cases. But 150 CDs/DVDs for the computer, is outstanding. Id get one if I could afford one.

Yeah I have seen this before. Who keeps CD’s anymore. I have most of my stuff digital.

I still run dvds , music specially. But with computer in my hand i don’t thing i would buy one of those. Waste of money.

looks nice but pricey.I’m not gonna buy this.

I’d rather spend $30 on a huge rack, stick it in a corner and save myself $100.  I just don’t like any disc storage thing like that because 1) I like to have cases on my retail CDs/DVDs, and 2) it just seems like more of a hassle than simply scanning a vertical, alphabetical stack or shelf.

Interesting idea, but I dont forsee many people buying this product… Seems way too pricey to me, and I would rather just buy shelves for my CDs/DVDs, and just manage all my music digitally on my computer

The Price is worth of Paying. This is really useful for people who have stored lots of datas in CD/DVD. It is like giant Hard Disk.

Assuming the average rack leaves 0.5” for each CD, 150 CDs would fit in a rack about 6.25’ tall, I’d think most people have at least the 2 cubic feet of space required for that.

I’d rather have $100 extra than 2cu.ft. extra.

I thought i would try this but as i can see no one is interested in it.

I think I’d rather convert my music to mp3 and use an mp3 player. More musin in a more compact and portable devise.

i like that it will hold 150 cdc/dvds and you can access it with your computer would save room on your computer to. you wouldnt have all that downloaded to your computer. and if i understand this right you can lock it, which i like, not just anyone can go through your cd’s.

its a very good idea to have an auto stacker with a lock
i cant tell you how many times my younger brother or sister have broken my cds by leaving them where they all get stepped on
but reguardless of how usefull it is the price is still a bit steep

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