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Wednesday June 4, 2008 2:44 pm

USB Starfish Speaker

Starfish SpeakerIf you drooled at the thought of owning your own Private Ocean, then you might want more water-related accessories such as this USB Starfish Speaker to go with your MP3 player. At a mini-size of 85 x 85 x 50mm and a weight of only 70g, it features a Blue LED indicator, has a rechargeable Li-ion battery that needs charging for at least two hours, and an on/off switch. It also features non-slip arms in case it wants to escape off your desk. The speaker comes with USB charging and audio input cables and is available for a mere $12.00.

(Thanks, Fanny)

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This would be great for a kids desk, or kids in general. I don’t see it having much of an audience in the older population, though.

it’s has nice design, but the plastic material is very poor quality, but the price make it fair enough.

A usb speaker for 12 bucks would be fine for a kids computer. I wonder how good the sound would be.

Should be good for kids, i think.

Cute little devices—not my style of course, but I am sure kids would love to have these by their computers (if they’re lucky enough to have one!)  I wonder how much use these would be able to take, but meh they’re cheap anyway

I wouldn’t have a use for these, but a possibility in the future would be to make a project mod out of them. I think I have a cunning plan…

What in the world are these supposed to do? Project the already booming iPod songs in other people’s earphones? <_< No thank you.

Kinda off-topic, but I would buy it if it was a watch with mp3 capability though.

It features a built in rechargeable Li-ion battery which is recharged via USB and it can give up to 2 hours of music playback from one charge.

I need some new speakers anyway. The speakers I currently have suck now. Loving the design.

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