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Thursday May 29, 2008 1:53 pm

Traxdata MultiMediaDrive


Traxdata has unveiled their new MultiMediaDrive for instant playback of movies, songs, or images. It also functions as an external hard drive. Compatible with most televisions, it can transfer computer files through its USB 2.0. Plug into any audio and video interface to get HD without missing out on quality. The device comes with its own remote and cables, and supports MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DivX, Xvid, MP3, WAV and JPEG, as well as both FAT32 and NTFS file systems. Contact Traxdata for pricing.


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I may be missing something, but how big is this hard disk drive? It seems a good idea, instant playback must be nice. But the task of putting it on in the first place, will it really save time?

The real question is what is that weird looking port on it.

It you mean the bigger port than it seems to be a TV the composite cable port of some kind. because i can see other ports lan and hdmi port and yes a common tv cable port as well.

What’s that black port on the back of it ? Never saw any port like this.

I don’t care how large the HDD is, because I’ll take a full HTPC over this thing any day.

I think a device like this could actually have real application in my life—my DVD burner is so slow that burning DVDs take FOREVER when all I want to do is watch it on the screen downstairs.  I can hook up my laptop via s-video out, but the quality is poor.  Here, I can get quality better than a DVD would give, and be able to play it back instantly on my TV!  I agree though I am not sure what is up with those ports on the back…

As well as the multimedia features, the drive can also be used a bog-standard external hard disk drive and is on sale now for around £150.

@ Linu:  Well, if it doubled as just a plain old external drive, had descent capacity (or a replaceable drive) then I could actually use it IF it were network attachable.

“Scart” is the funky looking connection. at least that is what their site called it. Not sure how big the drive is.
I’ll take one.

Would be good to store some of those files on your computer and make more room on it. it has other features besides storage which is good to have, you can watch movies on your tv through it i like that idea.

I like the features that it offers and all the ports that are added to the back.  It would be great to use it as a portable hard drive and carry your media around with you.  I also like that you can control it with your remote control.

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