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Wednesday June 25, 2008 3:03 pm

Jelly Stick Cell Phone Charger

Jelly StickEven if we are not particularly into lipstick or girly-intended products, we still appreciate the Jelly Stick phone charger. Available in gold, silver, blue, pink and macho black, the tube-shaped device will give your cellie an extra hour of talk time with the use of a AA battery. This would be a great thing for trips, especially those long car rides when it seems that our cell phone is never charged in case of an emergency.

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I think that’s a really convenient tool for those who travel too much.  When you don’t have a power source to charge your cell phone this can really help you out.  It only provides one hour, which is good enough for emergencies.  I would buy one if I frequently travelled around.  It seems very portable and light-weight too.

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