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Friday May 30, 2008 2:31 pm

iLogic Sound Hat

iLogic Sound HatIf you are the type that wears a cap just to look cool, the iLogic Sound Hat will certainly add to your sophistication level. Plug in your iPod or MP3 player through its 3.5mm jack and listen to your tunes via the integral speakers located inside the cap. Made from polyester with a fleece lining, it is washable once you remove the speakers and is suggested for those over 8 years old. At the very least it is a lot more comfortable than earbuds and one less cord to tangle. The Sound Hat is available for £14.99 (~$30.00.)

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30 dollars is a really expensive price to pay for a hat!  You can get headphones cheaper these days.  If you have your own hat and a speaker, you can make one of these very easily!  iLogic sure came up with a unique product though.  Is anyone planning on purchasing this?  Perhaps I may have misjudged it’s quality.

wow a hat

What a genius idea, now people can go to school, listening to music, and teachers will not know anything about you rocking away to music when your really meant to be listening to him/her going on and on and on and on about Maths xD. But seriously, $30, is a lot to pay for a hat.

Meh, those mess up my hair. Besides, hats are still not allowed in the classrooms in school. raspberry

I dont know, I think its a cool idea… I might not PAY for one of these, but I am interested in learning more information about it.  Too bad its not cheaper…

Cool, Now you can go deaf faster.

I will genuinely won’t pay $30 for a hat,not that i need it that much.

Great, now there is a way to cheat in exams! :D (kidding)

Why are you kidding? raspberry

No serious $30 is not that much for a head that can ‘make music’. Although I don’t think it will be the quality of $30 ear d. you get with an iPod or other music player. wink

I was seriously considering modding my own touque with some old Sony headphones I’ve got laying around.  I’d still much rather do that then pay $30.

this would be perfect for snowboarding. got to pick me up one of these.

I don’t know about the hat, if it was wireless it would probably be a lot better. You can put your headphones you have on, and put a hat on, and you have this product for $20 less than you spent on this.

The wire gives enough freedom to have your player in your pocket/bag and still be very comfortably listening within your hat.  Also make sure to remove the speakers when you wash the Hat.

@ tY13r:  I’m not into snowboarding, but I have to walk to university in the winter, and I’d love to have music AND keep my head warm in the -40 weather.

Great Concept. Those earbuds do tend to hurt after a while. This would fix that problem, Great for a winter jog?

It would be cool to use in the winter time. I think that this is a good idea. also the wires are long enough tht you can put into yur pocket, which makes it good for jogging.

this makes it much easier to hide listening to music in school =D
j/k i really like the idea of wearing the music piece and not having to stick it in your ear- that gets incredibly aggravating very quickly
if i ever get a job this is on the top of things to buy

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