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Wednesday June 4, 2008 2:16 pm

iCooly iPod Touch Stand

iCoolyWe found another useless gadget for your iPod touch (8/16/32GB) that will at least be a nice accessory to place next to your iMac or, if you don’t have one, look almost as cool. The adjustable iCooly has a small slot on its side to attach your dock connector and headphones. At a size of 115 × 100 × 45mm and made of aluminum and resin, it weighs about 55g. You can get a mini-holder of your own for ¥4,980 (~$47.00.)

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Looks great.

I own an iPod Touch and I wouldn’t mind owning it. It does look like quite a nice accessory for my iPod Touch and I might have to do a little research about it. Thanks Gear Live.

IMO, it’s insane to pay $47 for an iPod “holder”!, no matter how fancy it is. What’s wrong with a plastic holder!

I think it’s cool how it looks just like the imac stand…or am I just an apple geek…I know I know, GEEK

overpriced, weird name (iCooly? sounds like they are trying too hard)—the article hits the nail on the head: useless!  But at least its semi-cool looking

Too pricey for what it does. Maybe it will show up on Woot! for an incredible $9.99 one day.

This stand looks cool because it looks like a Apple Cinema Display very nice design

This is definitely one of the most creative iPod stand ever created.

iDontlikey this iCooly.whats with al the “i” its geting old fashioned already.

This iPod Touch stand looks sleek!  Sure you can get an iPod Touch/iPhone stand for a lower price, but you won’t find one of this quality.  This one is made of aluminum, and unlike the plastic one that came with the original iPod Touch, it won’t break easily.

Pretty neat. I’m not sure if it’ll owrk with Windows though.

I have an iPod touch and it looks like a pretty handy accesory for it cause I spend a lot of time on the computer and to have it just sitting there in coverflow view it will be nice to be able to access music very fast

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