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Wednesday June 4, 2008 2:31 pm

Honlai Technology MP100 Mini-Projector

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Honlai Mini-ProjectorHonlai Technology has unveiled its latest MP100 Mini-Projector. The LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon) technology claims an image capacity of 5 to 37 inches from its 5W LED. It also features a contrast ratio of ~200:1 and brightness of about 10 to 15 lumens. Palmsize, we figure it would be great for traveling, especially if you are doing a presentation at a sci-fi convention. Contact Honlai for a price.

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WOW, the design looks very stylish and the materials looks shiny and very expensive. (seems to be the same materials used in PS3)

I like it, keep it coming :D !

Sounds like a neat toy for kids to watch videos on.  How bright is 10-15 lumens?
Looks like fun though if the price is right.
I just checked out the web site and can not find any prices.

Wow, very sleek!  I could definitely see a lot of use out of this, if the pricing wasn’t that bad.  Perfect for if you have to give a presentation to a customer on the road, and don’t want to lug an entire normal-sized projector with you!

This wakes up the flame for my HDTV projector i want to buy!

read more link takes me to the wrong location I think. At 640x480 I’m less apt to want one. Now if they get above at least 1024x768 I would have more interest.
Agree with Victor as I would like to migrate to HDTV soon myself.

I’m definitely looking forward to the day when video projectors are small enough to fit inside a cellphone, but that’s still quite a few years off.  Anyway this is pretty much as small as they come

Man, this projector is really small!  It looks really nice though.  It would be useful for those that travel frequently and do presentations.

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