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Thursday June 19, 2008 3:00 pm

Free Hell’s Kitchen Video Game

Hell's Kitchen Screen Shot

There have been video games based on films and tv shows for as long as we can remember, and we notice that every time a new super hero movie arrives, there is always a game tie-in. Now video games meet Reality TV with Hell’s Kitchen. The lovable curmudgeon Chef Gordon Ramsay is in 3D and helps you work your way up to a Five Star restaurant and includes recipes you can try at home. Compatible with Windows XP/Vista, the game is free to download. Of course, if you want the unrated version that will set you back $19.95. Next thing you know “Big Brother” and “Survivor” will become games, too.


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I have never seen this on tv but the game seems interesting. I would think that shows like big brother and survivor would be alittle hard to make video games out of but who knows. I just couldnt imagine how they would put one of those shows together into a game, that would be complicated I think. I think that I would try this game out just to see what it was like and if I liked it.

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