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Tuesday May 27, 2008 9:54 pm

Early Windows 7 screenshots

Windows 7 disc layout 2

So, word on the street is that part of the first day of the All Things D conference tonight will be the unveiling of the first time of the Windows 7 operating system by Microsoft. To be clear, we shouldn’t expect Windows 7 any sooner than 2010. That said, what is shown is very much a work in progress. If you can’t wait for the video footage, which we are sure is soon to come, we also have a bunch of Windows 7 screenshots in our gallery.

We see a lot of concepts in these images. An expanded bar at the bottom of the screen, an -like dock, some sort of disc-based nav system that reminds of the OS, etc. Still, nice to see that things are progressing.

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Gallery: Early Windows 7 screenshots

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The future of Windows 7 does look clear, but I wanna bet that the pictures will completely change 10 times or so before they release it, just like Vista did. Back in 2002, it looked a lot like XP with a white start menu.

when is it to be launched and is it better than vista

Whats the releasing date for windows 7, and yes those screen shots are amazing really. I m quite eager to use windows 7.

yeah saw those screenies couple days ago on ” istartedsomething.com ” .

I can’t run Windows Vista and they are coming almost with the next operating system. raspberry

If these screenshots are real then I think they have a good successor!

Cool I want multi-touch support. Like HP’s touchsmart PC it is a cool idea. But the only draw back is now i have to buy my HD PC monitor again. They should just make a multi-touch screen overlay.

It looks promising, I guess we will see in 2009 what’s it’s really like

You people get worked up too soon.  Vista is still relatively new, I can’t see Windows 7 coming out until 2010, that’s if there’s no delays.

As for the screenshots, I sure hope I can disable those stupid widgets at the bottom.  That start bar is taking up far too much screen real estate.

WHOAAA YEAH…reeeeeal Blackcomb screenshots.

If Windows 7 ends up being indeed like these screenshots, I will be a very happy person smile

However, experience tells me that the UI will be simplified and it will end up as just another rehashed aero (which was a rehashed luna with transparency…)

I haven’t even seen a VISTA live. I since there is only 2 year to go for this NEW ms OS, people who have not yet upgraded from XP will be confused to choose between Vista and Windows 7

@ Linu: I’m sure there’s still people using 98 right now, they’ve got Vista and XP to choose from if they were to upgrade.  And Vista was released 5 years after XP, so it makes sense that a new OS would be coming in about 3 year’s time.

The more things change, the more they look like OS X. Microsoft “borrows” from the best.
And they should.

I like it so far, let’s hope Microsoft did a great job on Window’s 7.

does it look to anyone else like the toolbars are copying macs style?
it may just be me
but i really like the look already, and i hear a few people are supposed to have betas running in a few weeks
anyone else hear about it?

It has got good graphical user interface far more better than vista, i wish atleast windows7 will be a big hit for bill gates

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